Thursday, November 8, 2012


I was sometimes not satisfied back then when I was studying..
You know.. Exams, assignments, group works...
Gave me headaches..

But now that I'm graduated and stepped into the world of work...
It's not what I thought it should be..
It just no that you goes to work, do as what you're told to, done, and leave..
You have to contribute 100% of your responsibility, sometimes more!!
Especially in the educational line, extra aware you have to be..

Everyday I have to monitor the students' progress..
Make sure they're disciplined..
Make sure they're learning and doing their work..
Make sure that parents are satisfied..
Honestly, I was still not used to this and it gave me severe headache @@
Especially the parents part..

To be frank some parents are ridiculously demanding, while they're the ones not contributing..
I wanna have a say here.. Now listen dear daddies and mommies..
Just don't think that you're paying the fees then you pass every job to us, they're your kids, YOU have the responsibilities to educate them as well..

Overall, if you wanna succeed in a career it comes with great responsibility..
Without any contribution you'll get nothing..
I was wrong about studying back then now I really miss study life.. (Sorry T^T)
But I'm gonna go ahead and adapt..
Perhaps I can create better future generation..
I know I can do it =)
Aza aza!!

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