Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Days Song Marathon - Day 6

Life is too short that there's no time to regret
Just love the one who's with you right now
And appreciate everything in your life

20110731 11.12PM

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lame Days

Been wandering around few boutiques as well as fashion depts in the mall...
Trying out dresses, shirts and skirts...
Well, I don't need to pay to try them on...
And it's not something illegal to try on the clothes...
(This is why I like to shop alone)
Buahahahaha XD
OK here~~
The main thing that I wanna say is that
I tried 3 summer dresses and I LOVE THEM!!
They're very nice..
Michelle Yeoh likes this dress too!! And I was wearing it!! JUST wearing it XD

LOVE this!! But the price......Erhem...Well, it's imported =P

PADINI~~~ Summer style

They're nice, but I can't afford~~
Can only take pictures with them on~~
Ignore the model, just eyes on the dresses ^^

20110730    9.26PM

30 Days Song Marathon - Day 5

Enrique again!!
This is an old song of his which I love VERY much!!
He don't sing like his again now...
But I still love him!!

P/S: Jennifer Love Hewitt is soooooooooooooooooo SEXAYY!!!

20110730 8.54PM

30 Days Song Marathon - Day 4

Totally forget about this..
I'll just post 2 songs today then =P
For day 4 I was actually thinking of posting this song...
Enrique is so HAWT!!!
He's so my type of guy~~
Love him!!

20110730 8.51PM

Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Days Song Marathon - Day 3

The secret for a healthy relationship
Not roses or surprises or romance
It's some time away from each other and flash back to those moments that you first met
Something stupid that you did to each other
All those sweet memories that had gone lost for a long time
You'll laugh together when you're thinking about it
Or perhaps tears if it's touching
And there...
I wish someone could share this moment with me someday...sometime...

20110728 11.04AM

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 Days Song Marathon - Day 2

I wish I could meet you someday
And that's the day I'll sing this song to you

20110727 2.42PM

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Patty To Spongy

From me to you...
BFF!! ^^


I feel so geli~~~ 
Hahahaha XDDD
20110726    10.41PM

30 Days Song Marathon - Day 1

A song that makes me move..
JLo is so damn GORGEOUS and HAWT!!
I like her~~
This is a song that I won't get sick of listening to...
Everytime I listened to this song I feel like dancing..
So here it is~~
The first song of my 30 Days Song Marathon challenge..
Enjoyy!! ^^

20110726 9.19PM

Being Single...

Being single 

means you're STRONG and PATIENT enough 

to wait for someone who 


 I deserves a BETTER man ^^

20110726    8.35PM

Friday, July 15, 2011

Girls Language (Stolen)

Stole this from a friend's blog..
But I think it's kinda true and applicable..
Here it goes..

  • When she stares at your mouth,kiss her.
  • When she pushes you or hits you like a dummy cause she thinks shes stronger than you, grab her and don`t let go.
  • When she starts cursing at you trying to act all tough, kiss her and tell her you love her.
  • When she`s quiet, ask her what`s wrong.
  • When she ignores you,give her your attention.
  • When she pulls away, pull her back.
  • When you see her at her worst, tell her she`s beautiful.
  • When you see her start crying, just hold her and don`t say a word.
  • When you see her walking, sneak up and hug her waist from behind.
  • When she`s scared, protect her and make her feel safe with you.
  • When she steals your favorite hoodie, let her keep it and sleep with it for a night.
  • When she teases you, tease her back and make her laugh.
  • When she doesn`t answer for a long time, reassure her that everything is okay.
  • When she looks at you with doubt, back yourself up.
  • When she says that she loves you, she really does more than you can understand.
  • When she grabs at your hands, hold hers and play with her fingers.
  • When she bumps into you, bump into her back and make her laugh.
  • When she tells you a secret, keep it safe and untold.
  • When she looks at you in your eyes, don`t look away until she does.
  • When she says it`s over, she still wants you to be hers. 
True right??
Haha..Girls will definitely agree~ 

 20110715    12.13PM

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Searching For...

Question: How to find a partner who really loves you with all his heart?
Answer: Quite hard, not to say impossible but hard.

Every girl would want such a partner.
Thought they found one but always end up complaining about them.
Maybe we shouldn't look at the qualities our partner had.
But to prepare ourselves for anything that could happen.
Again, not to say that the things that are going to happen will be heart-breaking.
There will also be "lived-happily-ever-after" endings as well.
We all learn from lessons after all.
We'll know how to love and be loved after being heart-broken.
We'll be trained, to be stronger and more mature.

The other day I'd been discussing this topic with my girls.
Why can't there be a more mature man for us to love??
The conclusion is: That particular man is not trained yet.
Each girl is a school, and each man is being sent to a particular school for training.
Outcome: Better men.
We haven't meet the right one, because our right ones is under their training progress in another school.
And we're helping others to train up their right ones.
Hahaha. Funny right.
But it's kinda true and I like this theory lot. XD
When the boy finish their training in one school, he'll be sent to another school to be trained in another level.
If he's successfully well-trained, he'll graduate and begin to serve the school.
But then, he might not be serving one school forever.
So, he'll go back to training process again.

It's fun thinking about it, we laugh so hard when we're discussing about this.
Boys will sure have a say about this.
Girls would probably agree! =P
Anyhow, I'm glad that my right one is under training somewhere out there.
I'm sure he's a good and mature man when he's being sent to me

20110713    11.52PM

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Steal Bones" (Curi Tulang)

Today we went out to "curi tulang" in JUSCO
Spent one hour plus there
Had delicious cakes at Secret Recipe
We kept mentioning about cakes before that and this is what happened
The girls cannot stand the temptation and ended up sitting in Secret Recipe
We went to shop for necessary stuff after that
And....You know what??
The girls (including me) ended up hanging around the perfume department!!
We're so excited sniffing and sniffing until we totally ignored the guys~~
Poor them~~
I found out one thing
We girls were so crazy about the fragrance and it was like we found someone who shared some same interest
Not only that, we love CAKES!! XDDDD
Perfumes are not really cheap especially when you wanna get a really nice one
My friends told me that they got their perfumes during their birthday from their friends
They must have known some damn rich friends I think
I can only get a cake, sometimes nothing during my birthday...
Oh pathetic!
(Psssttt...I got sincere wishes anyway ^^v)
What a lazy day~~

OH!! By the way...
I'm in LOVE with this baby!!!
Awwwwwwwww ❤❤❤❤❤

20110711    11.39PM

Old Pictures

Been flipping back the photo albums that marked my growing process
I look so chubby and ugly back then when I was small
Fat arms and fat legs that look nice to bite
Stupid hairstyle when I had short hair because I stopped Ballet T_T
(But I love my long-until-butt hair when I was still practicing Ballet ^^)
Oh my God I can't stop laughing at my stupid face~~
I miss my grandma >.<

Ahahaha...Coconut tree on my head~

I like to make funny faces~~

Boooooo...Shy shy~~

Always braid the hair on 2 sides...Oh mummy~~

Teeth gone~~ No teeth arrrr~~


Cut the tongue!!



These pictures are not meant to be shared...
He or she who shared these pictures will be sued~~

20110711    11.07PM

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Screw Yellow!! Screw The Politicians!!

Today is the Bersih 2.0 rally
Everyone gathered in KL Stadium Merdeka
Causing RIOTS!!
I wanna ask one simple question??
You tell me, it's for the citizen's good.
Okay, now see, how good is it?
Having all these riots are good?? 
Everyone worrying about Darurat is good??
Parents at home worrying about their children having rally out there is good?
People argue and fight between each other is good??
NO PEACE in the country is good???
You tell me, it's for the country's good.
Look again, tell me how good is it?
With all the riots and chaos is good??
Focus more on politic rather than the economical development is good??
Is that really good??
Okay, maybe then you'll say
"Because the government now is not good that's why we need a change ma."
How sure are you it will be better after the change??
Will it be another fight??
We all will never know and never be sure about this.
I don't want the country to end up like Thailand
Always in chaos, not one president is good enough.
Every president also they want them down.
I don't side any parties here so don't ever judge me or tell me how is this how is that.
For me, Malaysia is a very good country.
I love Malaysia but the people here just disappoint me!!
You want Bersih so that you can win in the election.
After winning the election can you PROMISE that you can serve the people???
Can we be sure that after another government takes over there will be better days???
Even PROMISES are meant to be BROKEN!!
People are good in talking but sucks in walking the talk!!
As for the government now, THINK what you did that deserve the condition today!!
It's all because of your selfishness that brought you in a situation like this.
Don't you feel shame???
GOSH!! I'm so emotional right now!!


20110709    5.24PM

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


At times
I just love to be alone
Shop alone, lunch alone, read alone, enjoy my Starbucks alone, sing alone.......
Yea, I love that!
That's the time where I can go wherever I wanted to go
Eat whatever I wanted to eat
Walk as fast as I wanted to
Or as slow as I wanted to
Take my own sweet times looking at stuffs I like
Go up and down the mall, then up and down again
Enjoy my food and drinks as long as I wanted to
Sit in the shop enjoy music while reading my favourite book as long as I could
I just LOVE the feeling of that

Now I just hope that I can have one day
Just ONE day that I can do all these things that I wanted to do
Let me just enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing for ONE day
Relax for ONE day
Just ONE day~~~


20110706    10.50PM

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I had been writing many things about "FRIENDS" lately

Well, I guess friends are jsut so important to me

They light up my dull life ^^

And I ♥ them all~

Just like how they cherish each other ^^
20110703    11.10PM

About My Friends

I had quite a lot of friends in my current life
Those I'd known since primary school
Those that I got closer to during secondary
Those whom I met during my first year in university
And those whom I hang out and chat often lately
Oh yea...
And I've got 831 people in my friend's list in Facebook
Hell I had no idea how I can get 831 friends
Some just added me randomly
Some I had no idea at all who the hell they are
Some whom I lost contact with for a very loooooooonnnnnnggggggggg time
Some who are low profile
Some who are in "lower profile"
Etc etc etc

What I wanna stress out is
Don't count the number of friends you have
But the number of friends that you can count on
Out of 831 friends in my list
There are only 8 or 9 friends that I can really count on
That I can really trust and share everything to them
And I cherish ALL of them ^^
Love you guys lotssss

Form 6 lifeee...Where I started to change~~

My group of BESTies~~ We went through everything TOGETA ^^

Definitely miss all those times as we're all separated now~~

My BFF!! ^^ The one I really trust!!

20110703    9.52PM

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