Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Is a term for the fear of insects.
I actually have this En-to-mo-pho-bia thing~~
I'm afraid of insects like worms (YUCKS!!!!) and all those unfamiliar insects.
I'm not afraid of butterflies, bees, ants and flies though.
The others ya, but only I'm afraid to touch them.
I'm still OK if they flew around and land in front of me. (NOT on my body will do!!)
Seriously!! Don't laugh....
And there's one thing that I fear the MOST.
Extremely fear of it!!!
Why is there such a creature which is so annoying and disgusting!!
Whenever I see a cockroaches for sure I'll scream my lung out and run away like mad!!
Wherever there is a cockroaches you'll see me screaming and standing 10 feet from it.
Sometimes on some high places like on the chair and on table.
Don't laugh leh....I'm serious lo~~
I have extreme fear on cockroaches!!
That's why I salute those people who dare to catch it.
I don't even have the guts to go near it!!

20101229    12.09PM

Going Off

Tomorrow, I mean later I'm going off to Jawi.
Bored bored bored.
Going to stay away from the internet for few days.
How am I going to survive??
I can't log in to Pet Society some more.
Oh my God...
My pet will starve, I can't earn money for it to buy things.
(Typical internet freak!!!)
Indeed I'll feel empty away from internet.
Because all these days I've stayed in front of my laptop all the time.
Have to calm my mind for these few days already.
Away from internet, away from facebook and do something else.
Don't know how much I can tahan pun.
I'm staying away from internet!!!
Hopefully won't become "Siao Zha Bo" after I come back. (Dah siao pun~~ Haha...)
Have no idea why I feel weird.
Feel just like I'm not ready to do something.
Alamak...Rasa tak sedap ni...
Everything will be fine, try to refresh yourself these few days will do.
I'm leaving internet tomorrow!!!
La la la la la la la...
No Facebook from 29th of Dec til 2nd of Jan.
20101229    12.53AM

Korean Drama

These few days I'd been watching a few Korean drama.
Found out that it has improved a lot.
Back in those days when Korean drama is first shown in Malaysia TV.
All the storyline of all the Korean dramas are more or less the same.
Whereby the male leading actor is in love with the female leading actress.
Then they cannot be together due to some reasons.
Sure will be one other girl who love the boy and bully the girl.
Then finally when both of them can be together for sure one of them will get Cancer.
And the female die of Cancer whereas the male die of accident.
More or less the same la.
Sure got one people get Cancer and one people die one.
Mostly sad ending.

But nowadays the storyline are different already.
There are drama which is funny and very interesting.
And the leading actors and actresses are getting younger and younger.
Also prettier and more handsome.
Attracted a lot of teenagers, especially girls.
No matter how it's good to have shows that bring out meanings.
I mean positive meanings that can actually give motivation and also inspiration.
The only problem is...
Teenagers won't find out that kind of meanings one.
The only thing they can see is the LOVE issue.
Sad lo...
Anyway, HWAITING~!!!
The most recent drama that I'd watched. MiNam a~~~
 20101229    12.36AM

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Second Day Of Christmas

Wake up in the morning feeling like......
Erhem...Not P. Diddy.
Is like I'm living in Europe country where winter is on in this season.
So cooling ^^

"On the second day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Two Turtle Doves..."

It's Boxing Day ^^♥
Have you ever watch the movie "Home Alone"?
As I remember in "Home Alone II"
The owner of the toy shop gave the boy two turtle doves ornament as a gift
He told the boy that he need to keep one dove
And give the other one to a very special person that he wanted to remember
As long as both of them has their Turtle Doves
They will be friends forever.
The Turtle Doves ornament in Home Alone II.

Well, if you did watch this movie for sure you will remember.
Turtle Doves are a symbol of friendship and love.
In real life, these doves stay with their partners for a lifetime.
That's why in this morning when I wake up.
I kept a Turtle Dove with me and sent off one.
To a special friend that I'd met.
I hope she will always be fine and happy.
May God bless her and all the luck will follow her wherever she goes.
Friends Forever my Dear Friend.
All the best to you. ♥
Friends Forever ♥
P/S: Keep the Dove with you o...Keep it well ^^

20101226    5.26PM

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The First Day Of Christmas

It's Christmas morning ~!!
What a beautiful day...

"On the first day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
A partridge in a pear tree..."

On the first day I wish all my Dear family and friends
A Merrily Happily Joyous Blessed Christmas...
Love you guys so so so much!!
Muacksss Muacksss Muacksss...
♫♫ Joy To The World ♫♫
Woo Hoo ~!!!
A Partridge In A Pear Tree
20101225    11.32AM

Friday, December 24, 2010

My Wallpaper

Edited some pictures.
I've got a new wallpaper for my desktop!!
Very nice one~~ ^^
Here it is...
Memoir of Masiswa
Nice mou??
I ♥ it lo...
Hiak hiak hiak...

20101224    7.32PM

I Wish..I Wish...

Today is Christmas Eve!!
Fast fast make a WISH!!
Since my phone was spoiled...
Ok, here it goes..

I wish that I can get a new phone on Christmas!
Model?? Erm...Nokia.
Ermm...I like Nokia X6.

But what I wanted the most is..
My SE C510 can be fixed.
So that I don't have to worry about how I can get money to buy new phone.

Dear Santa please grant my wish on Christmas.
Show me a Christmas miracle.
Thanks. ^^

20101224    4.51PM

All I Want For Christmas Is YOU

"I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is YOU~~~"

No idea..
Sabar sabar..
Someday YOU will stand right outside my door..
Before that day..
I'll just wait..
For YOU to come to me...

20101223    2.36AM

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alamak...Bad Mood..

My phone was dead..
Me and all my phones really boh yuan one..
First 2 phones kena curi..
Then the next one spoiled because of the bad guy..
The next one lagi kena curi.. (>.<)
Now this one dead because of no reason...
Daddy work not easy..
CNY is near, everything need $$$..
Some more I can't afford another phone again for myself..
PTPTN I hope I can save it so that I can return the money more easily..
Gik sei ngo la!!!
So wish that Santa is real so that I can get a brand new phone on Christmas..
So wish that I had a Doraemon so that my phone can be fixed by using just a cloth..
So wish that I had a lamp so that I can rub on it and Genie can come out and grand me a wish...
Bad mood bad mood!!!
What to do???? Uuurrrgggghhhhh.....

20101223    8.38PM

Christmas Is Near...Christmas Is HERE!!

Yeah !!!
Countdown for 2 more days.
Christmas is coming!!! ^^
Woo Hoo !!!
I want to see Christmas trees.
I want to sing Christmas carols.
I want lots and lots of PRESENTS!!! (Mimpi...Hahaha...)
I just LOVE Christmas..
So so so so MUCH...
٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶٩( -̮̮̃-̃)۶٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶٩(●̮̮̃●̃)۶٩(•̮̮̃ •̃)۶

 20101223    12.22AM

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Christmas...What I Want For Christmas???

(It usually starts with this...)

Dear Santa:

I know I'd been a bad kid this year..(Still kid meh?)
I know I'd bullied a lot of people..(A lot meh?? One only ma. Hahaha...Know who la..)
But I still hope I can get a gift from you.
I love Christmas very much.
Although I'm not a Christian and I don't celebrate, technically.
But I love the Christmas culture where everyone send presents and wishes to each other.
And sing Christmas carol under the beautiful Christmas tree beside the warm fireplace.
That's just so nice. ^^
 (Hahaha...The main reason is because of the presents aje ma...)
I hope Santa can send me present this year.
I don't want gold.
Don't want something expensive.
Not something valuable in term of $$ either.
Just something....
Something I can treasure.
Can be a relationship, a miracle....(Relationship doesn't mean love only o...)
Maybe a special friend?? (Aiya..Already got one jor lo.. =D)
Please send me this gift dear Santa.
For I really do hope that I can receive presents during Christmas Day.
Something that I like.
Something special.
Thank you.

Sincerely from: 
Lam Hew Tong

20101222    11.03PM



“回忆过去, 痛苦的相思忘不了
为何你还来, 拨动我心跳
爱你怎么能了, 今夜的你应该明了
缘难了, 情难了……”


20101222    8.45PM

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21/12/2010...What A Day

Early in the morning I went back to my Alma mater-AMC for training.
Didn't play much but I'm happy to be able to see some of my juniors and heard a very funny story.
Hiak hiak hiak...
After training I was tired, but Mummy said she wanna bring us to the shopping center to hunt for new clothes.
Wow...It's been ages since the last time I had went out with Mummy, of course I wanna follow.
We went to The Store at first but there's nothing nice there.
Some more I saw one very normal short pants, the price on the price tag was RM80+.
I was like "What the......", I can get this at Pasar Malam with only RM5.
It was on discount, so after 70% discount, the price is RM20+.
Oh my...So so so so so so so FAKE !!
Since we can find nothing so we went to Ipoh Parade to continue hunting.
But instead of shopping we did something else, something better. Hehehe...

When we reach our destination I saw something, Ipoh General Hospital is organizing a health care activity there and blood donation is on.
I quickly pulled Mummy to check her body. Hahaha...
Then I was thinking, there's a sad news yesterday whereby a bus with a group of Thailand tourists involved in an accident, 27 people died and the rest injured badly.
Ipoh General Hospital was asking the public to donate blood for the victims because there are not enough blood in the blood bank.
Mummy wanna donate, I was having period so I'm thinking it's not possible for me to donate my blood now.
But after asking the nurse, she said it's OK for me to do so because I'm in my 5th day already, "Ok lah~~~", she said. XD
I was eager to help. Hiak hiak hiak...
So instead of shopping we're donating our blood - Mummy, me and my sister.
We called Daddy and he came too.
Suddenly it became a Family Blood Donation Day. XD
Daddy ^^
450cc of blood from him.
Mummy ^^
450cc also from Mummy.
My sister. She more kesian because she kena cucuk on both sides of her hands.
Still, she contributed 350cc of blood.
This is me la. Hahaha XD
Contributed 350cc also of my O blood group. =p

Hehehe..I found out something also today.
There are 4 members in my family - Daddy, Mummy, me and my sis.
All of us are having different blood group. Hahaha...
Daddy: A type
Mummy: B type
Me: O type
Sis: AB type
Geng leh...
So next time if need any type of blood group feel free to find us. XD
Headache already, so tired, gonna sleep earlier tonight already.
What a day~~~

20101221    9.35PM

Holiday?? Work??

Finally I had finished my last paper for this semester~!!
I'm suppose to be enjoying my sem breaks.
Go eat eat and play play. And also Christmas + New Year SHOPPING!!
Hmmm......I don't really have the kind of holiday mood I'm supposed to have.
Instead, I'm worrying about the 2 kids.
One is the son of my friend, who had just developed autism due to the divorce of his parents.
He watched his parents fight, saw his mother leaving the house after the fight and now both his daddy and mummy are going to separate.
Poor child ~ He must have been so scare and depressed.
I wish I could do something to help him but sadly I'm not qualified yet.
All I can do is just some little talk, encouragements and motivations.
I'll have to convince the kid's grandparents to bring him to psychologist or counselor as he already had developmental problems.

The other boy is from Jawi, a place near Penang.
His parent's friend, who is a friend of my mother (=.=)...asked for my help.
This case is a bit special, whereby the boy played too much computer games.
It actually led to some delusions that the boy is having now, where he always tell people that someone is chasing after him and tried to hurt him.
He wants to find people to talk to but will got afraid when he met a crowd.
As I said, before I get my Bachelor I already started to handle cases.
This is something challenging to me but I'm willing to do it.
One reason is to gain experiences when meeting up with these problematic kids;
Another reason is that I wanted to help them a lot, seeing them suffer like this just make me feel so bad.
They're just kids, they still have a very long way to go in their future.
Now they're having this kind of problem, for sure the road ahead will have some blockages.
It's necessary for them to learn to remove these blockages, and I'm willing to help them.

Let's work on it!!

20101221    2.32AM

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Back!! I'm Back!!

It's something that have been missing for a long time.
Something which I'd never felt and experienced for a long long time.
This December is really full of fun and excitement!
Right at the beginning I was told that we're going to KL for the Masiwa game for Netball.
I felt so excited to have the opportunity to play and was looking forward to it do dearly.
After this game I met a lot of people and made new friends.
One of them is Ady. (Ady Tan, your name appear again leh. Hahaha...Don't cry because of touch o..Ngiak ngiak...)
She said she'll be coming to Ipoh and again I felt excited. Hahaha...
Because all of us can hang out again and get crazy and laugh out loud together.
Well, it's exam week and I'm supposed to study.
But I have no study mood at all. Hahaha...
Joy and excitement attack!! Aarrrggghhhh....
So happy. Hehehe...
As I said, back to Netball is the only thing that can really boost my happiness.
All the feelings that had been filling me up now is something I'd experienced long long time ago.
And I'd been missing them a lot, especially the smile on my face. Hehe...
Thanks everyone for making up my day and helped me find my smile back.
Thanks for the opportunities also. =D
I'M SO DAMN HAPPY!!! Hahahahaha....
Smile like it everyday =D

20101217    2.37PM

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starbucks 2011 Planner

Hurray!! I finally got it!!
My new Starbucks 2011 Year Planner!!
Consider a Christmas gift for me this year.
Thanks for those who helped, really appreciate it ^^
Special regard to Ady also ^^ 
 I'll use it well~~

20101216 12.51AM

Friday, December 10, 2010

Masiswa 2010 (Day 3)

Study study...
Lazy lazy...
Always sleepy sleepy...
Study until dizzy dizzy...

Been holding this for too long already..It's time to update ^^

It's the second day for Masiswa game (5/12/2010).
And it's our BIG day. Yeah!!!
Woke up early again in the morning. (Not because of the coldness already this time. Hahaha...)
I'm not so sure why I woke early.
Maybe I'm still feeling excited after the card gaming last night. Hahaha...
And also because of the games today. Woo...Nervous.
After getting ready, we ate the bread that we bought last night for breakfast.
Everyone was like so filling until cannot even finish half of the bread. Hahaha...
We went to MMU right after that and we're the first team to arrive at the place.
The whole court is ours!! Wakakaka...
We warmed up, practiced ball passing for a while and then did some ball drills. 
And it's time for showdown!!! XD

We're against Nottingham for the quarter final, which was our first match.
Remember the black girl I mentioned before?? 
Haha..We're against their team.
They played quite aggresively and I actually got pushed a lot by that particular girl. (She must be keep on sneezing now XD)
It's a tough game because we played softer than them, but we won!!
Ngiak ngiak...So happy...
The next game is tougher and we were so so nervous.. (But we kept on saying that we will win XD)
Because it's against SEGI, we watched them play and they're good.
Soon it's time for semi (=our final).
As I said, it IS tough!
We made a lot of mistakes in passing and there were also many fouls by our team in the first half.
The second ball cannot pass down at all and I'm like kind of sad for that.
And I saw Siong Chi got pissed when she kena langgar by the defender. Hahaha...
Adeline got her left hand scratched by the corner of the thing that used to hold the tiang when she fell. OUCH!!
I'm also angry when they kept obstructing my way and knocking me. (Ankle injured again when they knocked me down...Huhu..)
But I know everyone played with extra effort and we're already tried our best.
So I'm still feeling happy although we lost in semi.
I believe next year we definitely can beat SEGI. Woo Hoo~!!!

So after the post mortem we thought that's it for us and we can actually go home.
Some were wondering whether we need to play one more match or not in order to fight for 3rd place.
After asking, yes, we need to play against TAYLOR.
We're already in our slippers and were ready to go home, and the game was 10 minutes after the match which was going to end soon.
After the rest I'm already cooled down and was feeling tired.
So most of us was like "Awwwww...So tired leh..."
But we played quite well in the first half and the score was quite far.
During second half I have no idea what went wrong the score was pulled nearer and nearer.
We won the game with one point short, it's 10-9...
Phewwwwww...It was so close!!!
We watched the final as well, to support the opponent team to SEGI - MASTERSKILL. (We're like so dislike them already..Ngiak ngiak...)
They also won the game one point short, I mean SEGI la.
SEGI didn't actually perform well in this match. Padan muka la.
Ngiak ngiak ngiak...

The prize giving ceremony was like super duper not formal. Haha...
After receiving the prize we started to get crazy already.
Taking pictures here and there, making funny faces, Kit Yin and Siong Chi even had a shoe changing competition.
These people crazy one, including me. Hahaha...
But it was totally FUN~!!!
I met new friends - Jasper, Soo Fang, Jolyn, Jane, Joan and Adeline.
Had great experience playing in these few matches.
Cheering and jeering for the other teams. (Jeering was only for SEGI. XD)
Lots and lots of fun I had. ^^v

We went to eat after all the crazy stuffs and all of us was like sooooooooooo HUNGRY!!
And guess what? 11 of us went into Ady's car and it actually fit!
We smelled, me and Ady became OKU...Hahaha...
I'll never forget that.
After eating we went to support UTAR team which were still playing.
By the time we reached the Basketball field they'd already finished. (So sorry to hear that they lose to LKW by one point short also, which they're not suppose to lose.)
We bathed at the place. Wuahhh...Feel so comfortable after bathing. ^^
We went to support the Volleyball team after that, both male and female teams.
Saw many people there and we're like cheer crazily for the team. (Because the other team got one noisy man who was so annoying XD)
The male team got a silver for the game while female team got bronze.
We met an officer from UTAR KL campus.
According to him, as all the teams from UTAR only got silvers and bronzes.
He said gold is not fashionable already, nowadays people like something silvery and bronze.
If they wanted the gold so much then give to them, we don't want something as priceless. ( Hahaha..)
Some more we played in MMU, if we got all the golds then people will not invite us to play again next year. (*CLAPSSSS*)

Ady fetch us back to Sungai Long where our vehicle back to Kampar will stop at.
I was so heavy-heartened to leave the place for there were so much fun I had.
I never felt so happy since ages ago!! Love you guys so much!! MUACKSSS!!!
On the way back to Kampar I slept for a while due to headache, and after that we're like keep watching the driver drive and sharing all the fun things until we reached Kampar.
That's all for Masiswa 2010.
I'm TOTALLY going to remember all these super duper happy memories!!
And we're definitely going to do this again in the coming year!! (Hopefully won't have problem ^.<)
WOO HOO~!!!!

We're playing!
So tired during the break >.<

Look at Siong Chi's face. So serious ^0^
Wall cry: UTAR! Fight! Fight! Fight!
WA tu saya lah. XD
Tough game it is.
Defenders pay so much effort!
Siong Chi is sorry~~ XD
Good game everyone ^^
Tired face after semi.
The super duper simple prize giving ceremony.
Cheers ^^
New friends ^^
Start to syok syok already XD

Sudah "bai" nia~~

Sakit lo >.<
Ady & Me.

SC punya funny face.

Haha...Same height with Jolyn.

This is Soo Fang.

The 5 new friends - from right Jane, Joan, Soo Fang, Jasper & Jolyn. Also not forgetting Ms. Au!

2 Best Defender wor~~
Jane! Pretty girl~~ ^^
I don't wanna look at the camera ~~ XD
Nice pic ^^
So sad the coach was not in this pic. Haiz~~
Ady was having a few fries in her mouth that time. Nice cover up! XD
The Shoe Changing Competition. Participant: SC & KY only. XD

Really memorable.
Soo Fang's hair so yeng lo. Haha XD
8 people at the back of Ady's car. Smelly

This is the noisy guy I'm saying la. So annoying >.<

Volleyball male team. Wooooo~~~

I ♥ this pic the MOST!! ^^

Memoir of MASISWA 2010.

 20101215    11.46PM

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