Saturday, December 31, 2011

31.12.2011 Confession

It's the last day of the year!!
It's the end of 2011~ ^.^
And in another 6 hours a brand new year begins....
Awhh.. What a year!!
I've went through a lot this year and had experienced a lot of amazing experiences...
Internship with autism kids, working in a busy customer service line, changes in my concept of financial management, finally got the chance to drive on my own, getting fat and then slim...

To my family:
I'm sorry for every word or deed that I said or done that hurt you all.
You know I don't mean it..
I really am grateful to have a family like this and I really love you all.
You guys are the most important persons to me in my life!!
And home is the place where I can throw as much tantrums as I can and still can be loved!!
I am most thankful for this ^.^
I love you Daddy, Mummy and stupid sister!!
Hehe *tears*

To my BUDDY!!!
(See, you're in second place.. Hahaha..)
I am totally thankful for a friend like you!!
I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to God for this gift ^.^
You have no idea how much I struggled in friendship conflicts back there in primary and secondary.
Well, people likes popular students to be friend but I'm low profile. Hahaha..
Yea, struggled a lot.
Until God presented you to me...
Indeed the BEST is worth waiting..
For 22 years I waited and it's worth it all!!
Thanks for being my Buddy ^.^
I wish you the MOST sincere All The Best and everything goes fine with you!!
Most importantly, BFF FOREVER!! ^.^

To all my lovely friends:
Great thanks to all of you!!
I appreciate your supports and helps when I'm in need.
Although I'm not really opening when I'm with you guys, but I do care about all of you.
You're the gift from God ^.^
Sorry for the lack of time to accompany you guys.
I wish you all best days ahead ^.^

To my friendmy (friend+enemy):
You guys SUCKS!!
And because of you suckers I learned and grown!!
So thanks yo!!

*hugsss* *kisses*

20111231    5.55PM

Friday, December 23, 2011


Somehow I find this true.
I mean, I am who I am...
I'm crazy, child-like, true to myself and others, aggressive, materialistic, loyal......
(P/S: Child-like is NOT the same as childish!!)
But it really do depends on who I'm with..

If I'm with my family, that means my true self will reveal;
I scolds and show tantrums...
I mean, family is always the place where I can show all my tantrums to, and yet I can get all the forgiveness ain't it?? 
That's why I love my family so much!!

If I'm with my friends, especially my BFF;
I'll go crazy!! With all the teasing and laughter and fun...
That's the time I'll tend to hide some of my flaws...
Just to have fun that's all...

If I'm with some people that I dislike, or someone that hurt me before;
I'll tend to be as fake as I can..
You know, just to prevent from something bad happens to me...
I won't talk much for sure, just keep quiet.

This works for me like all the time.
I'm not sure whether everyone feels the same way, but at least I do...
Life's like this, the way it is.
You just have to learn some skills in order to survive in this complicated world.
And this is one of it.

Good day =)

20111223    2.38AM

Friday, December 16, 2011

Lemme Tell You A Secret

But you have to promise me that you're not gonna tell anyone...

Well, if he/she says "Sure! Your secret is safe with me!! I promise."
Do you believe him/her?
Here's what it'll always be like..

Those who agree with me put your hands up!!
I clearly remember in the first movie of "Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone",
Dumbledore told Harry about this in the Hospital Wing after Professor Quirrell was killed...

"What happened down in the dungeon between you (Harry) and Professor Quirrell  is a total secret,
So naturally...The whole school knows..."

What a wise old man he is...And humorous~ ^^
I really find that line interesting, wasn't notice about the meaning until I re-watch the movie for the 88th time...
Secrets are meant to be kept, it doesn't meant to be told to anyone, not even a single person!!!
It's meant to be kept to yourself, and only yourself...
Is that right??
For me it depends, your secret will only be safe with the RIGHT person...
It might be your BEST-EST BEST friend or CLOSEST family member.
But even that is not totally safe, you won't know which is the day you'll end up having a great fight with your BBF and they start to tell everyone your little secrets....
And the worst thing is, secrets spread even faster than CNN, and "Snowball Effect" follows...
(I mentioned the effect in the blog of "Silence" before, you might have a look at that ^^)
Judge wisely to whom your secrets may reveal, or else, keep it to your self.
You won't wanna end up being "naked" in front of the whole word...
Be wise, cheers =)

20111216    4.43PM

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Positive Psychology

After 7 weeks of studies on Positive Psychology...
No matter it's the lectures or tutorials..
The subject always caused me to be in deep thoughts.
Especially the tutorial questions~
They were like asking:

  1. What is authentic happiness? What makes you happy? Does money really cause happiness?
  2. Can you always forgive a person? What if he/she killed your beloved ones?? Can you forget about the   incident and forgive them??
  3. Having positive illusions about the future, how to avoid from being looking at the rose-coloured glasses?
  4. Can tragedy and sadness be beautiful??
Do they get you into thinking?
Do they make you curious and getting interested in Positive Psychology or Psychology itself??
I wish to share more of my thoughts on these topics..
Gonna have my exam on this subject on THURSDAY!!!
Study study....
Will blog that after my exam....Stay tuned ^.<

My companion during study time ^^
20111213    4.04PM

Monday, December 5, 2011





20111205 5.41PM

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Always sleep late these days...
Tossed and turned in bed but just can't fall asleep...
Luckily tonight someone accompanied me...
And we had a GREAT fight...
Anyways...Gonna be a tight sleep I guess...
Let's try out now..
Goodnight folks

20111204    2.50AM

Save Some For Yourself

See...I told ya ~
You'll need your brain...

20111204    1.04AM

Saturday, December 3, 2011

No One Stays

Staying up til this late at night..
You know.. Girls...
Thought spins in our head...

What I'm thinking about??
I'm alone...All alone...
Single...Not unwanted..
But I just likes the feeling of being single...
One of the reason is that, you know..
When you're available you'll get to choose, especially when you're a girl (^_^)
But that's not the main point for me.
I like to be free, where I can do stuffs that I want without worry much about other people.
When you have a boyfriend things will be different.
You'll have to report yourself....tell him where you are, who you're with, when you'll be home.....
And you'll tend to want to know the same thing from him.
The same time he's tied to you, you're tied to him as well.
Sometimes it may be romantic yes, but I prefer single and free life.
Haha..I might be saying this loud right now, perhaps one day when I found my Mr. Right I may change my mind..
But yes I like to be free now..
To be in the flow~~~

People walk in and out of our life.
No one really do stays...
We'll be alone after all....
At the end...

Ok I'll stop the crap here .
Goodnight and good morning =)

20111203    3.13AM

Friday, December 2, 2011


Who watched this??

I find this a great movie with a very impact-ful lesson in it...
Imagine, if in the real world everyone is having this countdown-to-death device on your hand...

What would it be like??
I bet the only best thing is that you can be 25 forever even if you're 105...
But it's about the time...
You know, living your every second worrying that you have not enough time..
Even walk, eat, play and sleep would be a waste of time..
You'll need to earn every single second, IF you're poor..
You can't even study, because it's a waste of time going to class and sit there and just listen...
You wouldn't have time for that IF you're poor..
(Driving from Ipoh to Kampar to study will waste me at least 30 minutes... =P)
IF you're poor, you can't do anything except to work, to earn and to worry...
As what I see from this movie, TIME is indeed very PRECIOUS...
If I have such thing on my hand I couldn't be sitting in front of my laptop FB-ing and wasting my time...
(Which is what I am doing..Hahaha)
I have to make every second worth....
Ahhhh, stop crapping...
I shall start my work..Hahaha..
Don't waste your time people (^_^)

20111202    11.54PM

Have Fun, Get Crazy

I really find this FUN & CRAZY!!!!
It would really drive the parents nuts....
I would like to try 1, 2, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20...
Prepare to laugh your lungs out!!

20111202    11.34PM


Silence is Golden
This is so damn right..
Do you ever had this awkward moment where..
You sat in a car with a friend and you guys had no conversation at all that you kept squeezing your mind for something to be said??
Hahaha..I had..
And it's so awkward, embarrassing...
I mean, if you're with someone you're really close to and comfortable with..
You don't have to find things to say and yet you'll feel alright..
Get what I mean??  ^^
Well, except for your family and loved ones it's hard to find a friend whom you can feel completely comfortable in a silent mode..
Yet you can still know what they're thinking at that moment..
And at this time, silence seems to speak a thousand words.
I'm glad I have a friend like that =)

Not only that, when you had arguments with your family, friends, partners or anyone you care about..
The moment of silence is the best time for you to sort out all the problems...
Whether it's some misunderstandings or what..
Keep on arguing about it will only make things worst, because you're not listening when you're in anger..
So stfu and keep quiet, listen to them, to your heart..
Perhaps things are not as bad as you think..
And this is the time your heart can listen to your brain...
As I said, your heart may tell you what to do but you'll need your brain to analyse it for you..
Sometimes it's not the brain that think too much, it's the heart that cares too much...
And it's not because the environment is too noisy, it's because the craps that come from the heart...

One more here...
Keep quiet when you heard your friend talked about others..
Doesn't matter whether it's good or bad...
You won't wanna listen half, understand quarter and talk double about it...
It's not good for the person whom you're talking about, and it's not good for yourself either...
I learn this after spending 3 years in university...
Rumours kill!!! And it spread faster than CNN...
Terrible!! When it spread it's like snowball rolling down the mountain...
(We called it a "Snowball Effect"...)
Really terrible!!!
Get what I mean??

Silence is golden...
It depend on you to judge when is the perfect time to speak out..
You can't always keep your mouth shut after all.
Speak when necessary, and only speak good...
Cheers (^_^)

20111202    10.09PM



20111202 6.59PM

Thursday, December 1, 2011


20111201    2.42PM

Random Share

Saw this on my friend's wall...


Maybe not all of you will think this way...
But it feels like this, in secondary school there were classes everyday, never missed..
But there were still plenty of time for us to do stuffs that we like..
In university, there's less class and not everyday we'll having classes..
But there is always no time for us to things that we like..

In secondary, when it came to recess or school dismissal, it was always bustling with noise..
Friends called us out for tea, to have fun, to hang out...
"What to eat??" "JOM MAKAN!!" "Let's go shopping!!" "Later free?? Let's go jalan-jalan!!"
The environment was always lively..
However, after classes end in university, people walkaway...
Rush to another class perhaps, some going home...
The atmosphere is dull, boring...Seems like except for their own gang..
Nobody will bother what the other is doing..
In secondary life, friends were never courteous to you, not even polite..
"Woii, go where?!" "Diu...DDLY!!" "CB!! Go die la you!!"
Hahaha...But they really do care, and you can feel extremely comfortable around them.
Well, in university, people are polite to you.
They talk nice, act nice, treat you nice...
But you'll never know deep inside, what are the dirty thing they're thinking..
And you'll beware of what you say and do around them, just to stay away from trouble..

Secondary life, tired but happy;
University life, busy but blind...

I do...
But some of you might found great friends in university and have a lot of fun..
I'm glad for you..
But for me, till now, my final year here..
I still have to beware of words used by myself and things told to me..
Too many fake faces around and sometimes it's not the assignments or school stuffs that were tough..
It's how we see fake faces and yet we still have to pretend to not see it and act nice that was tough..
I always tell myself, it'll be an end soon..
Just stop bother much bout these people and focus on your study..
After all I enter university to further my study, knowing new friends and building my social network is only part of it...
Not really important ehh..
Friends doesn't need to be much, one true friend is more than enough ^^
I have one, though she's far from me..
But I know we'll always be true..
Well, just a random share..
Have a nice day =)

Old school friends.. Miss them ^^
20111201    12.07AM

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