Saturday, December 31, 2011

31.12.2011 Confession

It's the last day of the year!!
It's the end of 2011~ ^.^
And in another 6 hours a brand new year begins....
Awhh.. What a year!!
I've went through a lot this year and had experienced a lot of amazing experiences...
Internship with autism kids, working in a busy customer service line, changes in my concept of financial management, finally got the chance to drive on my own, getting fat and then slim...

To my family:
I'm sorry for every word or deed that I said or done that hurt you all.
You know I don't mean it..
I really am grateful to have a family like this and I really love you all.
You guys are the most important persons to me in my life!!
And home is the place where I can throw as much tantrums as I can and still can be loved!!
I am most thankful for this ^.^
I love you Daddy, Mummy and stupid sister!!
Hehe *tears*

To my BUDDY!!!
(See, you're in second place.. Hahaha..)
I am totally thankful for a friend like you!!
I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to God for this gift ^.^
You have no idea how much I struggled in friendship conflicts back there in primary and secondary.
Well, people likes popular students to be friend but I'm low profile. Hahaha..
Yea, struggled a lot.
Until God presented you to me...
Indeed the BEST is worth waiting..
For 22 years I waited and it's worth it all!!
Thanks for being my Buddy ^.^
I wish you the MOST sincere All The Best and everything goes fine with you!!
Most importantly, BFF FOREVER!! ^.^

To all my lovely friends:
Great thanks to all of you!!
I appreciate your supports and helps when I'm in need.
Although I'm not really opening when I'm with you guys, but I do care about all of you.
You're the gift from God ^.^
Sorry for the lack of time to accompany you guys.
I wish you all best days ahead ^.^

To my friendmy (friend+enemy):
You guys SUCKS!!
And because of you suckers I learned and grown!!
So thanks yo!!

*hugsss* *kisses*

20111231    5.55PM

Friday, December 23, 2011


Somehow I find this true.
I mean, I am who I am...
I'm crazy, child-like, true to myself and others, aggressive, materialistic, loyal......
(P/S: Child-like is NOT the same as childish!!)
But it really do depends on who I'm with..

If I'm with my family, that means my true self will reveal;
I scolds and show tantrums...
I mean, family is always the place where I can show all my tantrums to, and yet I can get all the forgiveness ain't it?? 
That's why I love my family so much!!

If I'm with my friends, especially my BFF;
I'll go crazy!! With all the teasing and laughter and fun...
That's the time I'll tend to hide some of my flaws...
Just to have fun that's all...

If I'm with some people that I dislike, or someone that hurt me before;
I'll tend to be as fake as I can..
You know, just to prevent from something bad happens to me...
I won't talk much for sure, just keep quiet.

This works for me like all the time.
I'm not sure whether everyone feels the same way, but at least I do...
Life's like this, the way it is.
You just have to learn some skills in order to survive in this complicated world.
And this is one of it.

Good day =)

20111223    2.38AM

Friday, December 16, 2011

Lemme Tell You A Secret

But you have to promise me that you're not gonna tell anyone...

Well, if he/she says "Sure! Your secret is safe with me!! I promise."
Do you believe him/her?
Here's what it'll always be like..

Those who agree with me put your hands up!!
I clearly remember in the first movie of "Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone",
Dumbledore told Harry about this in the Hospital Wing after Professor Quirrell was killed...

"What happened down in the dungeon between you (Harry) and Professor Quirrell  is a total secret,
So naturally...The whole school knows..."

What a wise old man he is...And humorous~ ^^
I really find that line interesting, wasn't notice about the meaning until I re-watch the movie for the 88th time...
Secrets are meant to be kept, it doesn't meant to be told to anyone, not even a single person!!!
It's meant to be kept to yourself, and only yourself...
Is that right??
For me it depends, your secret will only be safe with the RIGHT person...
It might be your BEST-EST BEST friend or CLOSEST family member.
But even that is not totally safe, you won't know which is the day you'll end up having a great fight with your BBF and they start to tell everyone your little secrets....
And the worst thing is, secrets spread even faster than CNN, and "Snowball Effect" follows...
(I mentioned the effect in the blog of "Silence" before, you might have a look at that ^^)
Judge wisely to whom your secrets may reveal, or else, keep it to your self.
You won't wanna end up being "naked" in front of the whole word...
Be wise, cheers =)

20111216    4.43PM

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Positive Psychology

After 7 weeks of studies on Positive Psychology...
No matter it's the lectures or tutorials..
The subject always caused me to be in deep thoughts.
Especially the tutorial questions~
They were like asking:

  1. What is authentic happiness? What makes you happy? Does money really cause happiness?
  2. Can you always forgive a person? What if he/she killed your beloved ones?? Can you forget about the   incident and forgive them??
  3. Having positive illusions about the future, how to avoid from being looking at the rose-coloured glasses?
  4. Can tragedy and sadness be beautiful??
Do they get you into thinking?
Do they make you curious and getting interested in Positive Psychology or Psychology itself??
I wish to share more of my thoughts on these topics..
Gonna have my exam on this subject on THURSDAY!!!
Study study....
Will blog that after my exam....Stay tuned ^.<

My companion during study time ^^
20111213    4.04PM

Monday, December 5, 2011





20111205 5.41PM

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Always sleep late these days...
Tossed and turned in bed but just can't fall asleep...
Luckily tonight someone accompanied me...
And we had a GREAT fight...
Anyways...Gonna be a tight sleep I guess...
Let's try out now..
Goodnight folks

20111204    2.50AM

Save Some For Yourself

See...I told ya ~
You'll need your brain...

20111204    1.04AM

Saturday, December 3, 2011

No One Stays

Staying up til this late at night..
You know.. Girls...
Thought spins in our head...

What I'm thinking about??
I'm alone...All alone...
Single...Not unwanted..
But I just likes the feeling of being single...
One of the reason is that, you know..
When you're available you'll get to choose, especially when you're a girl (^_^)
But that's not the main point for me.
I like to be free, where I can do stuffs that I want without worry much about other people.
When you have a boyfriend things will be different.
You'll have to report yourself....tell him where you are, who you're with, when you'll be home.....
And you'll tend to want to know the same thing from him.
The same time he's tied to you, you're tied to him as well.
Sometimes it may be romantic yes, but I prefer single and free life.
Haha..I might be saying this loud right now, perhaps one day when I found my Mr. Right I may change my mind..
But yes I like to be free now..
To be in the flow~~~

People walk in and out of our life.
No one really do stays...
We'll be alone after all....
At the end...

Ok I'll stop the crap here .
Goodnight and good morning =)

20111203    3.13AM

Friday, December 2, 2011


Who watched this??

I find this a great movie with a very impact-ful lesson in it...
Imagine, if in the real world everyone is having this countdown-to-death device on your hand...

What would it be like??
I bet the only best thing is that you can be 25 forever even if you're 105...
But it's about the time...
You know, living your every second worrying that you have not enough time..
Even walk, eat, play and sleep would be a waste of time..
You'll need to earn every single second, IF you're poor..
You can't even study, because it's a waste of time going to class and sit there and just listen...
You wouldn't have time for that IF you're poor..
(Driving from Ipoh to Kampar to study will waste me at least 30 minutes... =P)
IF you're poor, you can't do anything except to work, to earn and to worry...
As what I see from this movie, TIME is indeed very PRECIOUS...
If I have such thing on my hand I couldn't be sitting in front of my laptop FB-ing and wasting my time...
(Which is what I am doing..Hahaha)
I have to make every second worth....
Ahhhh, stop crapping...
I shall start my work..Hahaha..
Don't waste your time people (^_^)

20111202    11.54PM

Have Fun, Get Crazy

I really find this FUN & CRAZY!!!!
It would really drive the parents nuts....
I would like to try 1, 2, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20...
Prepare to laugh your lungs out!!

20111202    11.34PM


Silence is Golden
This is so damn right..
Do you ever had this awkward moment where..
You sat in a car with a friend and you guys had no conversation at all that you kept squeezing your mind for something to be said??
Hahaha..I had..
And it's so awkward, embarrassing...
I mean, if you're with someone you're really close to and comfortable with..
You don't have to find things to say and yet you'll feel alright..
Get what I mean??  ^^
Well, except for your family and loved ones it's hard to find a friend whom you can feel completely comfortable in a silent mode..
Yet you can still know what they're thinking at that moment..
And at this time, silence seems to speak a thousand words.
I'm glad I have a friend like that =)

Not only that, when you had arguments with your family, friends, partners or anyone you care about..
The moment of silence is the best time for you to sort out all the problems...
Whether it's some misunderstandings or what..
Keep on arguing about it will only make things worst, because you're not listening when you're in anger..
So stfu and keep quiet, listen to them, to your heart..
Perhaps things are not as bad as you think..
And this is the time your heart can listen to your brain...
As I said, your heart may tell you what to do but you'll need your brain to analyse it for you..
Sometimes it's not the brain that think too much, it's the heart that cares too much...
And it's not because the environment is too noisy, it's because the craps that come from the heart...

One more here...
Keep quiet when you heard your friend talked about others..
Doesn't matter whether it's good or bad...
You won't wanna listen half, understand quarter and talk double about it...
It's not good for the person whom you're talking about, and it's not good for yourself either...
I learn this after spending 3 years in university...
Rumours kill!!! And it spread faster than CNN...
Terrible!! When it spread it's like snowball rolling down the mountain...
(We called it a "Snowball Effect"...)
Really terrible!!!
Get what I mean??

Silence is golden...
It depend on you to judge when is the perfect time to speak out..
You can't always keep your mouth shut after all.
Speak when necessary, and only speak good...
Cheers (^_^)

20111202    10.09PM



20111202 6.59PM

Thursday, December 1, 2011


20111201    2.42PM

Random Share

Saw this on my friend's wall...


Maybe not all of you will think this way...
But it feels like this, in secondary school there were classes everyday, never missed..
But there were still plenty of time for us to do stuffs that we like..
In university, there's less class and not everyday we'll having classes..
But there is always no time for us to things that we like..

In secondary, when it came to recess or school dismissal, it was always bustling with noise..
Friends called us out for tea, to have fun, to hang out...
"What to eat??" "JOM MAKAN!!" "Let's go shopping!!" "Later free?? Let's go jalan-jalan!!"
The environment was always lively..
However, after classes end in university, people walkaway...
Rush to another class perhaps, some going home...
The atmosphere is dull, boring...Seems like except for their own gang..
Nobody will bother what the other is doing..
In secondary life, friends were never courteous to you, not even polite..
"Woii, go where?!" "Diu...DDLY!!" "CB!! Go die la you!!"
Hahaha...But they really do care, and you can feel extremely comfortable around them.
Well, in university, people are polite to you.
They talk nice, act nice, treat you nice...
But you'll never know deep inside, what are the dirty thing they're thinking..
And you'll beware of what you say and do around them, just to stay away from trouble..

Secondary life, tired but happy;
University life, busy but blind...

I do...
But some of you might found great friends in university and have a lot of fun..
I'm glad for you..
But for me, till now, my final year here..
I still have to beware of words used by myself and things told to me..
Too many fake faces around and sometimes it's not the assignments or school stuffs that were tough..
It's how we see fake faces and yet we still have to pretend to not see it and act nice that was tough..
I always tell myself, it'll be an end soon..
Just stop bother much bout these people and focus on your study..
After all I enter university to further my study, knowing new friends and building my social network is only part of it...
Not really important ehh..
Friends doesn't need to be much, one true friend is more than enough ^^
I have one, though she's far from me..
But I know we'll always be true..
Well, just a random share..
Have a nice day =)

Old school friends.. Miss them ^^
20111201    12.07AM

Monday, November 28, 2011

Here In My Home

I'm surprised that this post of mine in Facebook could get so many likes..
No idea whether you guys can see the words..
What I wrote was
Translation: "I am a pretty girl from Ipoh, my body is fat like Ipoh's bean sprout, my skin is as smooth as Ipoh's kuey tiao."
Oh, FYI...
Ipoh, my hometown, is very famous for it's food, especially bean sprouts and kuey tiao..
AND!! They said Ipoh mali girls are beautiful~~ Like me...
Muahahahahahaha.... ( <-- Action XD)

No matter what, I love my home.
Ipoh is surrounded by mountains and hills, which made it a beautiful place with all kinds of natural phenomena..
And because of this, the food here are the BEST and TASTIEST!!!
And girls here, phewww-witt!! Pretty!!! XDDDD
I love this place..
You guys..
If you're not from Ipoh you must pay a visit here and try the food...
Food originated here are delicious...I bet you'll like them..
Promoting my home sweet home..Ipoh!!
Ipoh mali, I'm proud to be one.. ^^

Museum Perak..
It's the floor...
Perak's map..
Nice right XD

20111128    1.17PM

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why I Love Christmas??

I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas  I ♥ Christmas
I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Why I ♥ it??
Coz it's the MOST beautiful season in the year..

Harmony, peaceful, warm....
I ♥ the tree and the ornaments...
Really beautiful ~ ~
I remember I wrote a blog about turtle doves before..
This is one meaningful thing about Christmas..
I ♥ the winter snow...
White beautiful flakes that covered the ground..
Though it's impossible to see it here in Malaysia but still..
By watching the shows and the movies I can actually feel it..
Hahaha.. Alright alright.. Too much..
I ♥ the caroling part of Christmas..
Carols!!! Awwww...Beautiful songs and melodies...
The one I love the MOST is "Sleigh Ride"...
Love those sounds of the bells..
Jingle jingle jingle..
"Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing
Ring ting tingle-ing too
Come on, it's lovely weather
For a sleigh ride together with you...."
And and oh oh oh!!
Santa and presents!!!
Though Santa is not real but it's a really good myth that keep children behaving themselves..
And presents!!! Really damn jealous when I saw presents under the tree..
And kids receiving presents from mommy and daddy..
Adults exchanging presents among each other..
This is the time you'll get stuffs that you wanted..
Coz Santa probably received your letter of requirement..
It's a joy, cheerful and wonderful time of the year..
All about gifting and sharing and family reunion...
I'm  not a Christian and I don't actually celebrate Christmas with my family..
But everytime during this time I'll go out somewhere to feel the joy of the season..
This year..
I hope miracle could happen...

20111127    11.03PM

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Heart or The Brain?

I bet many of you guys encountered this before...
So, follow your heart?? Or follow your brain??
A subjective topic here..
Some said follow your heart.
It will tell you what to do, just follow the flow...
As long as you're happy..
Some said follow your brain.
Think before you do it, don't break the rules...
Don't do this because it will.....Don't do that because it will...
Too many restrictions right??
That is why most of us will choose to follow our heart.
When we got hurt then only we regret, for not thinking deeply before we take action.
For me, I always follow this rule..

Follow your heart, but don't forget to bring along your brain.

Yes, your heart will tell exactly what to do.
Mine too... I always believe my instinct.
Coz it always seemed to be right about a particular person or situation...
But before I make any judgement, I'll throw it to my dear brain to analyse..
And yes, when they work together the result is always better...
It depends on each individual..

Follow your heart or follow your brain??
You make the judgement and the choice darlings...
Good luck...

20111125    5.27PM

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Motivator

Always been my motivator...
The first time I watched his clip was a few years ago...
Back then when I was having a quite severe depression case there...
(Owhhh...Depression sucks!!)
I remembered I actually cried like a baby that time...
Everything he said in the clip touched my heart deeply...
I like this saying of his:

"It matters HOW you're going to finish.
Are you going to finish STRONG??
You'll find the strength to get back up..."

Even now, whenever I feel down in my current life..
I'll still watch his clip, and it still sends tears to my eyes..
I'm impressed by his strong positive mind that keep him going against the odds in his life..
I mean, even normal people like us couldn't find the strength to go on after traumas..
But for him, it's like he'll always have that strength..
He's grateful to everything he's having..
And I think that's what kept him going..

I've been taking positive psychology in this semester.
After studying it for like 6 weeks, 12 lecture classes and 12 tutorials..
I found out that every chapter or every question we answered..
Gratitude can't escape from them..
The power of being thankful, of being contended, of being grateful for what you have and accept things that you owned, that you've gone going to shape you into a better person..
That is very important..
Back then when I was in depressed mode..
I never had any medicine or gone through any kind of therapies...
I was diagnosed to have depression by a counselor from Taiwan..
I mean, I, as a psychology student, I know myself..
It's just that how am I going to help myself when the emotions and the fluctuations was in me..
It's still hard even if you knew the method..
But Nick did helped me..
I got chills and it felt like I'd been strike by a lightning...
Like I'm able to shout: "I'VE GOT THE POWER!!" at that time..

Nick can get back up when he fell, why couldn't I??
He has no arms and no legs and he's living happily, why couldn't I??
He love his life, why don't I??
He's the one who inspired me...

Back then, now...and forever will be...
Thanks Nick..

20111124    4.15AM

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Between Life and Death

Make a choice between life and death.
What will you choose??
To live? Or to die?
I bet everyone will choose to live...
No matter what's the cost, no matter how...
Today I discovered something...
Something that not only it gave me shock but also disappointment.
I'm sad, and at the same time angry towards them.
And I keep trying to figure out WHY???!!! Would they do that....

It's about my uncle...
He was diagnosed with diabetes and kidney malfunction.
Both his kidneys are almost 95% spoiled....
The only cure for him is to go for dialysis to control his illness.
His son, his wife, and my cousin sister DISAGREE with that!!
And the reason they gave is:
Sis: "Once he started dialysis, he's going to suffer from that for the rest of his life!!"
Son: "I don't mind, but remember, dialysis is very painful, and people still die..."
This is the WORST!!
Wife: "If he started on dialysis he can't go on the plane and he can never get to travel..."

I'm like WHAT THE FUCK??!!!
Are those for his good??
Are they trying to save the husband, the father, the uncle??
They're trying to kill him!!
They have the money, more than enough for him to go through the treatment.
My beloved uncle, had been admitted to hospital for few times!!
And he got a pair of swollen legs and hands now!!
NO ONE!! I mean NO ONE!!! Bother to go and pay him a visit...
Even his own wife...
I cried when I think of it today...
If he dies....It would be a murder... T_T

I mean...
Yes, he's going to suffer for the rest of his life once he started the treatment;
But if he don't, he WON'T be having "the rest of his life" anymore...
Yes, it's painful and people still dies;
But at least he have a chance to live, who knows things won't turn out fine?? Who are you to arrange his death?? No one have the right to take away his life even if you're his son, only God will decide...
Yes, He won't be able to board a plane and visit his grandchildren;
But if he just dies without trying to live, he won't be able to see his grandchildren too, and that will happen earlier if he don't take the treatment...
And the daughter just kept quiet..
SIS!!! You're going to get married next year!! If your father dies he won't be able to share your happiness!!!
He won't be able to see you in your wedding dress!!!
After everything that he had sacrificed for the family...
What did he get???
A worthless death??
I can't believe this is happening...

I keep wondering what is on their mind???
Is it money that matters??
If yes then why....Money is more important than a LIFE??!!!
A life of a father, a husband...Of someone that had sacrificed so much.....
If this person is my father...I would quit my study, get a few jobs and get the money for him!!!
No matter how....Coz he's my father!!
Now I just don't understand...And I don't wish to see anything happen to my uncle...
May God bless him and hope he could go through this hardship...

Dear God,
If you could hear me...
I know my uncle is suffering now...
He rejected the treatment because he listened to the bad guys..
Not because he's scared..It's because he love them and he don't want to be a burden for them..
I can feel this in him..
Dear God... I wish my uncle could feel better despite of the illness...
He's my family...I don't want to see any of my family member suffers...
That's all I could wish for him..

20111119    11.41PM

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pikachu ♥

I bet a lot of you who watch Pokemon love Pikachu.
Ain't it cute ?!!
Let's try the origami...
I did it ^^ ♥ 
ピカチュ..... かわいい !! 


20111112    7.18PM

Unconditional Love

Everyone wants a love that lasts, that is unconditional, that is true.
I just watched this Taiwan show where a female artist said something that make sense.
There is no "Mr. Right" in this world.
There is only a Mr./Ms. Right in yourself.
When you have enough confidence in yourself, not overly confident by the way;
When you're not afraid of life challenges, have courage to face the odds, to overcome them;
When you can still smile and say "Everything will be fine" when you're in deep shits;
When you no longer have to depend on someone to feel secure, happy, protected and loved;
When you can love yourself as much as you can and treasure life;
When you can totally manage your behavior, emotions and thoughts....
You'll find the right you, the strong you.
And then, every relationship that you're in will not be a "relation-SHIT".
Agree?? Yes I totally agree.
That would be beautiful...

P/S: Quote this from the elders.
        If you want someone to love you...
        You must first learn to love yourself ^^

20111112    7.12PM

"Sum Ting Wong"

Don't wonder, the title is actually "Something Wrong"..
Y'know.. Typical Chinese will actually pronounce it as "sum ting wong"..
So, what is actually wrong here??
I realized that I'm afraid of boys nowadays...
Y'know... BOYS!!
Immature, selfish, childish, egoistic creatures!!!
(And I mean boys, gentlemen please stay outta way...)
Well, not all boys should be labeled this way but...
MOST of them are!!
Even some of my guy friends agreed!!

There are these 2 fellas that I know back there..
I shall just call them Anonymous and Bnonymous..  (<-- Hahaha)
These boys just can't keep their mouth shut.
I don't mind if they make jokes and fools around.
But if it's beyond the limit...Well...
The point is, joke can be believed as fact sometimes.
When a joke is being made again and again and again...
People might think that it's a fact, a truth, a reality...
And the one whom you make fun with will not be happy.
Not only that, this Anonymous..Gosh!!
He's just too....I don't know how to say...
He always belief that he himself, as a 90s, is very mature thinking and smart.
He's just a dumbass for me anyway.
As he don't know how to keep a secret and protect someone's privacy.
I mean, you have to understand that no one will want their secrets to be revealed.
Especially to those whom you don't want your privacy to be revealed to.
He just doesn't know what is respect.
Even to a girl!!
Such a jerk!!

And there are guysssssssssss whom I knew...
As what we Malaysian called, these guyssssssssss here are really "perasan".
You'll know the meaning when I further describe them.
First, if you talk to them, they'll think you have feeling on them.
Second, if you be nice to them, they'll think you like them.
Third, if you play with them, they'll think they can touch you anyway they wanted to.
Fourth, if you answer their calls, they'll think you already accepted them as someone special.
Most importantly, if you hang out with them (dinner, movie, whatever....), they'll think both of you could get married already, an official couple!!!

I've had experienced this and that incident really freaked me out.
After that I couldn't agree to hang out with any guy except those that I knew for a long long time and also my families.
It's true!! Everytime a random guy asked me out I'll feel afraid.
That's why I said there's something wrong inside me.
Owhhh...I wish this could end fast.
This feeling is awful....

20111112    6.43PM

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Share

This is from a Chinese newspaper basically.
I just found it really meaningful so I hope to just share it here.
Due to my "lau yah" Emglish and poor vocabs.
I find it hard to translate this.
It's basically about the smiles that you could give when you're in deep shits that would make your life better.
(Kinda like that. Hahahaha... )

And the later part is about some ideas in life:
1. Always help those in need, but never let them feel that it's a necessity for you to help them.
2. Don't take people's good as necessities, be grateful instead.
3. Be generous in giving applause and compliments. A good compliment can light up a person's day; overly compliment could be annoying.
4. Focus on the problem, not the person; be firm in problem-solving, be nice to people.
5. Good deeds doesn't mean good returns, but never give up of doing good deeds.

I hope I'm correct about those.
Nice day ahead ^^

20111108    12.06AM

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Woke up in tears
The feeling of you hugging me and asking me back in my dream is so real
That I refused to wake up and face the fact that
You're not here by my side
I wish I could just see you
And hug you for once
Then leave....
No turning back
This is your shirt

I Miss You
Only for now...
No more.....

20110126    11.15PM


Benefits of having a bicycle ~
Let's cycle people
For the sake of our Mother Earth

20111026    10.19PM


I like cats
Prefer to have a cat than dogs
Not that I'm against doggies but....
I just found cats more mysterious
You know, cute, manja....weird temper~~
Meowwwww ♥♥
 20111026    9.56PM


Mwahh mwahhh
Kiss me this way

20111026    4.35PM


My favorite game of all
I've been playing this for like over 10 years and I still ♥ it
Since standard 4 I joined this game
No idea why I was addicted to this and my hands will get itchy if I never went for training
Playing together with my teammates, scoring and celebrating the victory is a damn great moment
I'm just so addicted to this game..Dedicated ♥
Wish that I could just continue to play in the future ♥
Netball ROXXXX!!!

20111026    3.40PM

Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Well Soon

Hope you can get well soon....
Sending my warm regards to you...
We shall get crazy together after that...
Play balls, go for competitions, sleepovers~~~
And oh oh...
Hahaha...Get well soon buddy ~~

20111024    10.04PM

Friday, October 21, 2011


❤๑๑……. ) ` – . .> ‘ `( …….. FRIENDSHIP ………………….๑๑❤
❤๑๑…… / . . . .`\ . . \ …………………………………………….๑๑❤
❤๑๑…… |. . . . . |. . .| ….. IS LIKE A FLOWER ; …………..๑๑❤
❤๑๑……. \ . . . ./ . ./ ………………………………………………๑๑❤
❤๑๑……… `=(\ /.=` …. GROWING IN ITS GLORY , ……..๑๑❤
❤๑๑……….. `-;`.-’ ………………………………………………..๑๑❤
❤๑๑…………. `)| … , .. TELLING ITS OWN STORY ; ……..๑๑❤
❤๑๑…………… || _.-’| …………………………………………….๑๑❤
❤๑๑………… ,_|| \_,/ .. FRIENDSHIP IS PRECIOUS ……..๑๑❤
❤๑๑…… , ….. \|| .’ ………………………………………………..๑๑❤
❤๑๑….. |\ |\ ,. ||/ ……….. NOT ONLY IN SHADE , ………..๑๑❤
❤๑๑. ,..\` | /|.,|Y\, ………………………………………………..๑๑❤
❤๑๑… ‘-…’-._..\||/ …. BUT IN THE SUNSHINE OF LIFE …๑๑❤
❤๑๑……. >_.-`Y| ………………………………………………….๑๑❤
❤๑๑………… ,_|| …… THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIENDS .๑๑❤
❤๑๑………….. \|| …………………………………………………..๑๑❤
❤๑๑…………… || …………. MAY OUR FRIENDSHIP ……….๑๑❤
❤๑๑…………… || …………………………………………………..๑๑❤
❤๑๑…………… |/ …………… WILL EVERLASTING ………..๑๑❤

20111021    8.52PM

Quotes 'Bout Action

If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.

The truth of the matter is, we always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.

The great end of life is not knowledge but action.

Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl.

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.

Think like a man of action; act like a man of thought.


20111021    12.49PM

Quotes 'Bout Acting

Man is a make-believe animal-he is never so truly himself as he is acting a part.

Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare. The whole essence of learning lines is to forget them so you can make them sound like you thought of them that instant.

It is not whether you really cry. It's whether the audience thinks you are crying.

When I played drunks I had to remain sober because I didn't know how to play them when I was drunk.

I don't mind that I'm fat. You still get the same money.


Enjoy ^^

20111021    12.22PM

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bare In Mind

When you're busy choosing and picking someone that has the criteria that you want
Others are doing the same thing on you too
If you found someone who really do cares about you
Cries for you
The first person to appear in their mind in the morning is you
Then cherish that person fully
Not everyone love you like that except for your parents

As for me
I am waiting for this special one to come into my life
And share with me his joys and tears...
I'm waiting for you my love...

20111020    12.07PM

First Loves

I'm not sure whether I am right about this but I've seen too many cases
Funny thing about first loves
Even myself experienced this
How crazy and stupid it was...
I'm actually talking about when you breakup with your first love
You can hardly think rationally...
All you did was to beg and cry and do stupid/funny/crazy stuffs to get their attention....
To want them back...
But then turns out all these acts actually annoyed them and
Make them wanna leave more eagerly...
And we can't see that coming
The only thing in our mind is "I want you back!!"...
Stupid right??
I know this doesn't apply to everyone..
Some of you might be able to take this easy and recover in a very short term..
But this phenomena do exist..
Right now I'm looking at a few cases..
One of them is a total mess!!
Stupid and aggressive act...
I do hope the girl will be fine and get rid of the boy as fast as possible..
If I could have the chance I wish to give a GIGANTIC SLAP to the boy!!

"Wake up dude!! She doesn't love you anymore!! You're just annoying and torturing her with all your crazy acts!!"

I'm just sharing this randomly as it popped in my head out of a sudden..
Nice day ahead peeps ^^

20111020    11.53AM

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Girls who likes to shop..
You gotta pay attention to this!!
There is this shop at De Garden Ipoh named "Ashton Ashton".
Personally, I love this shop..
The clothes, accessories, environment..
It's just so nice...
Once you walked into this shop you'll feel like a princess..
Hahaha..Am I too over?? LOL~
But yes, the environment of this shop is great, and the owner is a very nice Taiwan lady.
FYI, all the clothes and accessories in this shop are imported.
It might be a little expensive for some of you (for me as well).
So shop wise women!! XD
A lot of ancient stuff there. This is one of it- The typewriter. Feels like Korean princess when I was there. Hehehe.

Bangles, hair accessories...Multiple choices.

Bicycle pin. Ain't it pretty??

Classic chandelier. Make the environment so nice ^^

I love this Denim dress. Tried it on and it was NICE!! Of course, the price is "nice" too.

The displays in the shop. Korean style~

Stylish dresses and accessories ^^

Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Jackets, Cardigans, Scarfs, Bags, Belts......Awwwwww

Fitting room!! Damn Love it!!

Genie lamp pendant~ Beautiful!!

Make-up bags, hair accessories, key chains...All stylish and beautiful~

Love the way stuffs are being displayed in this shop~~

It just make me feels like home..Luxury home~

Marry-go-round!! Awwwwwww...Beautiful~~

Don't you just want this??!!

Musical note pin.

Paris tower pendant.

And they have perfume miniatures!! Awwwwww...Best for perfume freaks like me!!

Pizza tower display.

Rabbit Rings. Like?? ^^

And Willie Wonka is here too. Chocolate??
If you could afford I would suggest you to shop here.
Do go and have a look and you might find something that you love.
You'll love this shop ladies...
You will~~ ^^

Oh wait...
Of course I won't leave without trying on something.
Tried the Denim dress and I LOVE IT!!
I swear I'll get it when I got the money ^^
Nice?? ^^

20111016    7.29PM

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