Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The JIZZY Gang

There goes the Bombastic Group, here comes the JIZZY Gang!!!
Haha...These few days I'd been enjoying myself very much in the outings with my new favourite gang.
We went hunting for food around, enjoy life and 'jizzed' around.

I've been thinking, maybe I've lost some friends,
Which now I realize that they're not important at all.
Because if they really are my friends, they won't treat me that way.
Letting me be the only one to be blamed for everything that happened.
Where I don't even mean to do things that way!!
You know, I was just trying to solve problems and prevent anything that will cause sadness to them.
But eventually I'm the bad one, trying to back stab them behind their back!!!
That's very hurtful and disappointing!!
Claimed themselves as my friend but don't even trust me???
Well, get the hell out of my life then!!
I don't need someone like you to be called as my friend!!
Someone so not sincere and easily being brainwashed!!

Now, I've found myself a brand new bunch of friends.
As crazy as I am.
Yet still, I'm not so sure.
Whether the same thing will happen again or not.
Because they are someone I'm not so familiar and close to.
And yes, I've been hurt badly before and I swore not to trust anyone so easily again!!
That's why I won't get too attached to this.
But I'm really happy when I'm with them, you know.
The craziness and "jizziness".
No matter what, I'll trust them.
But will leave some spaces to myself.
In case I need a U-Turn.
Go go JIZZY Gang~!!!

20100929   4.32PM

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