Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chocolate Cake...

Chocolate Cake..My favourite..Why is it so??
Erm..It's hard to explain..
Maybe i like the taste of it..It's sweet..
And it's like boosting up the Endorphine level (happy hormone) in my body everytime after i have it..
That's the main reason i think..
The reason why i like Chocolate..
I admit that I'm a emotional girl..An unhappy girl..
And greedy also..Cause i need a lot of love and attention..
I feel depressed all the time..
Being ignored and isolated..I already get used to it..
Even got boyfriend also no use..
That's why Chocolate is my best medicine..
I hope i can live in a place full of chocolate..
Chocolate fountain..Chocolate tree..Chocolate Farm..
Well..Only can found in dream..
But I feel good bt just imagining it..
Yeah...Chocolate..Is my favourite..I Love It!!!
09072009 9:58PM

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