Friday, July 10, 2009

Teddy Bears & Me..

Teddy Bear..
Another lovely thing for me..Love it..
I love hugging it..Feel soft and warm..
Teddy Bear gives me a feeling's not quite happy..
Because it's like..never smile..not happy..
Maybe hugging it can make it feel better...
I got quite a few of Teddies at home..
Each was a gift by my dear friends and family members..And of course my boyfriend..
I love them..Just simply did..
Seeing them is like looking into myself..
Just as upset and unhappy..
I'll hug them tight..Which indicates that I hope someone will hug me tight when I'm unhappy and upset..
I just Love Teddy Bears..Hope someone can love me as much as i love Teddy..
10072009 10:44PM

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