Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lovely Lovely

A lovely Sunday like this, I was trapped in a place called Kampar. Sigh~~ Edit some pictures, sing songs, reading my new book bought not long time ago (It's TWILIGHT!!! Hehe). Tired of doing assignment already so I just left it aside and enjoy my lovely Sunday. Yea~~ I turned to my Teddy Bear and felt a warm feeling run through my heart. Yes, Teddy Bears are my lifetime favourite!! I love Teddies so so much. I believe I've written the reason why I love them so much in my first blog, the feeling for them is still with me all these while. This moment, I was like a kid, lying down on bed, playing with the lovely thing. Haha...people must have laugh at me if they see me playing with it, at least my mum and dad will. But I'm glad that I've got them, because I can talk to them about everything that had happened to me, whether sad or joyous events; and for sure they will keep the secret and won't let it spread out, unlike human's mouth which is just so unstoppable and untrustworthy. Haha...crazy right? Hello, this is me, the real me! And I'm OK with myself, yea~~Haha...OK, I'll just stop here and continue playing with my Teddy. Come on lovely fella~~

20100725 3.00PM

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