Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sorry..I Can't Help To Cry

Can't help it, I cry like a baby again. Was in the room alone, maybe its because of the tiredness and the injuries that suddenly make me feel so helpless. Started to cry like a baby, sadness has been filling all over my mind, like I'm going through all the things again. If people knew it, most probably they'll say me STUPID. I'm ok with it, cause I know that they don't understand. Not that they don't understand how bad or how sad it was, they just don't understand me. Even now, tears are all over my face, wonder how I look like, must be ugly. Alth0ugh I keep telling myself to let go, but it just seems so hard for me; one day, I can think through and feels relief, the other day, I'll be down again. Sorry, I just can't help it.....
Hew Tong, I really miss your smile. You know, you used to smile and laugh like a kid, innocent and beautiful and most importantly, truly from the bottom of your heart. I miss that very much!
20100701 6.27PM

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