Monday, May 6, 2013


Today is most probably the darkest day for all Malaysia citizen..
GE-13... Vote? Democracy? People's choice?

So what if people came out to vote?
So what if people travelled a thousand miles to vote for a cleaner election?
So what if people hurt and injure themselves during election day just for a better government?
So what if people died after/before voting for a brighter future for their country?

So called leaders of the country..
Playing tricks in front of the people..
By asking foreigners to vote for you...
By registering voters who are not eligible to vote, voters who's already dead a hundred years ago...
And now that you are losing..
You again play other tricks in front of the people...
Who were there witness the "miracle" and the "magical tricks" that you're playing..
Who immediately trying to stop those "miracles" from happening and were being threaten...
Not by others but by police force!!
And you call this election fair and transparent??!!!

Yes, you may be winning the game..
But you see, you lose everyone's heart!!!
Me, as a Malaysia citizen, felt and is feeling guilty because I did not fulfill my responsibility to cast a vote..
But now, other than guilt, I'm frustrated, sad and heartbroken..
To see all these obvious corruptions that are playing in front of the people's eyes and yet we can do nothing to stop it...
To see the future of our beloved country vanished....

But we won't lose hope...
As long as we're the citizen of Malaysia...
We will fight for our country's future!!
For a clean election!!
For democracy!!!

May Malaysia be safe from BN~~

20130506. 1.33AM

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