Sunday, October 6, 2013

Them Best Friendsss

As I walk along the path..
I have no idea how many people I'll be meeting..
Or who will actually walk in and out of my life..
But as long as there's someone who is worth cherishing, I'll cherish them from the bottom of my heart..
As I always tell my students, I'm not someone who'll easily give my trust to..
Nor someone who'll easily open her heart to somebody...
But then again, when there's someone who's able to lower the guard, then yes I'll let it all out..

Perhaps I should say that so far there's only a few really rare creatures which has...Somehow really bizarre powers that are able to do so.. 
I could count them with one hand.. Hahaha...
To those whom I cherished~~~
My Spongebob...
My Piglet...
My Nobita....
I cherish the you and I love you all <3

20131006    10:48PM

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