Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Dreamed Of Baby~~~

Last night I dreamed of this little baby red fox
It gave me this look that melts my heart

In my dream
I saved this little thing and made it my pet
It was so cute when it cuddled in my arms


I checked online about the meaning of dreaming of a fox
Mostly said that when you dreamed of a fox
It means that there is a person who is jealous of you around you
And there are some who said that it means bad luck

Like I believe in those craps
People believed that fox is not a good animal because it was being labeled as bad
Animals steal food because they need to hunt for it
Fox steals because they might not have the ability to fight with the bigger and stronger animals when they're hunting
When I was awake the only story that appears in my mind was "The Fox and The Hound"
A classic Disney story which is about friendship

I believe I had found true friend when the little fox appeared in my dream
And I will treasure this friendship forever ^^

25052011    3.25PM

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