Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sweet, Special, Marry Her

Just saw an album of a couple in facbook
You may think that this is nothing special
But they are 'special'
Get what I mean right??
All the pictures in this album are kinda sweet romantic
They 'guy' is quite handsome, but 'he' is toooooooooo skinny!!!
And short...Hahaha...
As for the girl...Hmmmm...Ok la..
Pretty ^^
Look at the pictures and see how special are they...
Sweet right???

I like this though~~

See clearly if you still don't get what I mean

I was like: "WHOAAA!!!"

They are happy together
If you still do not get what I mean by 'special' then.......
I believe many people will go against this kind of thing
Especially people from the era of Dinasty Qing
But nowadays this phenomenon is getting more and more common among the new generation
It's like a very normal situation already
Though there still people who anti them
For me
I do not agree or rather disagree with this
But if both are happy together and it does not affect anyone or bring any harm to anyone
Then why not??
It's their own personal business after all
And I have no rights to interfere
As long as they are happy together~~~~
Then it'll be just fine ^^

Oh ya...Click here if you wanna see more pictures~~ ^^

20110508    8.14PM

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