Friday, September 14, 2012

It's been a very very very long time...
Since before I finished my FYP, after I graduated, when I'm in honeymoon mode and now that I started working...
Just too lazy to blog it seems.. Yesh.. "LAZY" is the word..
There are always a lot of stuffs in my mind that I just can't seems to voice out to anyone or anywhere..
Of course now that I'm happier, not to say I'm currently living a good and carefree life, but things don't bother me much and I don't get pissed real easily now..
Yeah.. That's the bright side of graduating not only from university, but also from a stage of social circle..
But sometimes there will still be a downfall where I starts to get emotional..
And this is the time where I found out that.. Friends whom I can really talk heart-to-heart with... Are very very limited..
The more I look at my insight, the more I see that I'm actually anti-social..
Not like does-not-make-friend kinda anti-social, but it's like if-no-one-finds-me-I'd-rather-be-alone kinda anti-social..
As I mentioned before I enjoy most of the time spent alone, with nobody, just me and myself..
It's more comfortable... Or should I say.. It's the MOST comfortable...

Since after I graduated.. The most frequent questions which I have to provide answers to everyone are as below:
1. What are you doing now? (Ukur tanah/ Goyang kaki)
2. When you plan to start work? (Soon...)
3. What job are you looking for? (...)
4. When to get a bf for yourself? (Not so soon..)
5. When you wanna get marry? (I bf also don't have...)
Kinda frustrated you have to answer to the same questions to everyone you meet..

For the last 2 questions..
What I wanna answer is actually :" If there is a guy for me, then it will be.. If not, I'm alright with it."
I won't hope for someone to take my hand or anything..
If it is meant to be, then it is meant to be..
If it is not meant to be, then let it be.. Geddit???

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