Sunday, August 28, 2011


A piece of ma thought.

When you're in love,
It's like 2 cars meeting and they go along together because they're traveling to the same destination.

When you're actually having a bad relationship or a meaningless crush,
It's like you had an accident.
It's either one will get hurt badly or both suffered an injury.
But this lesson taught you to drive carefully to avoid getting hurt after then.

Other times you meet with every kind of people.
Just like when you're driving on the road you'll see all kinds of cars.
You may recognize some of them but not the others.

I don't know whether this make any sense to you but it did for me.
You don't have to but it anyway.
Just a piece of my mind.
Well, gotta sleep now.
So long and goodnight ^^

20110828    12.11AM

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