Sunday, October 16, 2011


Girls who likes to shop..
You gotta pay attention to this!!
There is this shop at De Garden Ipoh named "Ashton Ashton".
Personally, I love this shop..
The clothes, accessories, environment..
It's just so nice...
Once you walked into this shop you'll feel like a princess..
Hahaha..Am I too over?? LOL~
But yes, the environment of this shop is great, and the owner is a very nice Taiwan lady.
FYI, all the clothes and accessories in this shop are imported.
It might be a little expensive for some of you (for me as well).
So shop wise women!! XD
A lot of ancient stuff there. This is one of it- The typewriter. Feels like Korean princess when I was there. Hehehe.

Bangles, hair accessories...Multiple choices.

Bicycle pin. Ain't it pretty??

Classic chandelier. Make the environment so nice ^^

I love this Denim dress. Tried it on and it was NICE!! Of course, the price is "nice" too.

The displays in the shop. Korean style~

Stylish dresses and accessories ^^

Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Jackets, Cardigans, Scarfs, Bags, Belts......Awwwwww

Fitting room!! Damn Love it!!

Genie lamp pendant~ Beautiful!!

Make-up bags, hair accessories, key chains...All stylish and beautiful~

Love the way stuffs are being displayed in this shop~~

It just make me feels like home..Luxury home~

Marry-go-round!! Awwwwwww...Beautiful~~

Don't you just want this??!!

Musical note pin.

Paris tower pendant.

And they have perfume miniatures!! Awwwwww...Best for perfume freaks like me!!

Pizza tower display.

Rabbit Rings. Like?? ^^

And Willie Wonka is here too. Chocolate??
If you could afford I would suggest you to shop here.
Do go and have a look and you might find something that you love.
You'll love this shop ladies...
You will~~ ^^

Oh wait...
Of course I won't leave without trying on something.
Tried the Denim dress and I LOVE IT!!
I swear I'll get it when I got the money ^^
Nice?? ^^

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