Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Loves

I'm not sure whether I am right about this but I've seen too many cases
Funny thing about first loves
Even myself experienced this
How crazy and stupid it was...
I'm actually talking about when you breakup with your first love
You can hardly think rationally...
All you did was to beg and cry and do stupid/funny/crazy stuffs to get their attention....
To want them back...
But then turns out all these acts actually annoyed them and
Make them wanna leave more eagerly...
And we can't see that coming
The only thing in our mind is "I want you back!!"...
Stupid right??
I know this doesn't apply to everyone..
Some of you might be able to take this easy and recover in a very short term..
But this phenomena do exist..
Right now I'm looking at a few cases..
One of them is a total mess!!
Stupid and aggressive act...
I do hope the girl will be fine and get rid of the boy as fast as possible..
If I could have the chance I wish to give a GIGANTIC SLAP to the boy!!

"Wake up dude!! She doesn't love you anymore!! You're just annoying and torturing her with all your crazy acts!!"

I'm just sharing this randomly as it popped in my head out of a sudden..
Nice day ahead peeps ^^

20111020    11.53AM

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