Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It Really Has Been A While

Yea... Such a long time since my last update..
Been drowning in college works and studies..
I'm leaving school now and I'm happy.. Happy??
Not really perhaps...
You see, it's been 3 years I stayed at that nasty place and met nasty people (well, not all  of them..)
It is definitely not the place for me, like what the Chinese believed..
That place's Feng Shui is not for me, all kinds of nasty stuffs happened there...
Really awful stuffs..
But then there are awesome people as well.. But to be frank I only met a few..
Some are just nice to see, where part of their inside is rotten...
To the end there are still something that really drives me mad..
Filled me up with frustration~
Well, to the same person that I've cursed in my previous post before~
Yea you!! Screw you for being such a jerk~
I take you jokes doesn't mean that I have no feeling for them, I might feel offended sometimes..
Who do you think you are went around and judge people with your dog eyes?
Oh no, I'm humiliating the animal if I said so, you can't be compared to the dogs..
You're WORSE!!
Learn to respect, or else be prepare to lose it!!
Now you lost mine.. Let's see what you'll get in the future~
I'm reluctant to leave? Heavy-hearted?
Maybe... Coz it's been 3 years in this place..
But no way I'm staying coz nothing is worth it~
Goodbye Kampar, goodbye UTAR~
I'm not returning...

20120516    12.43AM

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