Sunday, May 20, 2012


Currently in Sarawak..
Vacation of course.. Taking break after a long journey of study life..
I like this place..
Natural, beautiful, peaceful, calm...
When I was in the plane I kept imagining how my vacation will be?
How the place will be?
Will it be cool?
Will it be as fun as what I expect?
Am I able to wipe off all the unhappiness during this trip?
Lotssssssssssssss of questions appeared..
But turns out, you just need to relax..
And accept what's coming..
If you're unable to catch up, slow down the pace and look around..
You could find something really interesting that will catch your attention..
That's what I actually did..
And I'm loving what I found..
Should just keep doing this :)

20120520 10.50PM

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