Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Truth Is............

I like to stalk these pictures on Facebook very much..
Probably because they speak the truth and catch many people's heart...
I don't really speak to anyone, but when I do speaks meaning that I trusted that person I'm speaking to...
But very few of them actually qualified..
I don't simply trust (<-- conditioned).. Hehehe..
When people ask me am I okay I'll just say "I'm fine"..
But it's rare that the same person who concerned will further ask "Are you sure you're fine?"..
Saw this on a newly added friend's album..
The truth is..
I'm Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional...
So when I say "I'm fine", doesn't really mean that I'm fine...
I just don't wanna tell you that I'm not ok...

20120531    1.21PM

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Long Lasting Friendship Recipe

Erhem... Actually figured this out myself..
Just a little small "recipe" for a long-lasting friendship..

I was in Sarawak for my graduation trip with a couple of friends..
Or cliques I should address them...
Thing went a little wild on the second day..
You see, I went berserk when I was awaken and had no enough sleep the night before..
Was extremely tired the next day and was in real bad mood..
Been moody the whole day, and of course emotional..
All I see was the dark side of those people...
I'm such person when in bad mood, I will complain a lot, but at the same time blame myself for being so sensitive...
Guess I was conditioned to be that way..
And of course, til the end of the day the guilt was all over me..
Kept thinking what actually went wrong...
Felt extremely awful that day, not only because of the emotional but also the extreme tiredness of the body..

The next day I had my mind cleared and I figured out this little secret to keep a relationship/friendship/whatever-ship last long...
When you're a friend to some others you can't always look at their dark side..
The more you dig their bad the more you'll feel awful, disgusted or annoyed...
The more negative you feel, the worse your emotion will be..
And such emotions will influence how others react to you...
Maybe that's how "Self-fulfilling Prophecy" worked...
But anyhow, if you really want the "ship" to last long...
Try to accept that everyone has got their bad and good...
And try to focus more on their good..
Think about how they had made you happy before, how they had helped you and be nice to you...
That will help you cherish the relationship more..
But bear in mind, people do not only have you as a friend..
At the same time, they've got friend's' too in the other circle of their life...
Which means that, being nice only to you or be always nice to you is not a necessity..
They have their bad times as well...

So, if you really do cherish some people in your life you can always use this little secret recipe...
If you don't then forget about it ^^
Good day...

20120530    11.27PM

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let It Burnnnnnnn

Was cleaning up my room the other day...
There it is, laying still, knowing that I wouldn't open it, or touch the things inside it...
But it was wrong...
I wanna clean up this mess in me...
Stop feeling sorry for myself and miss him every single time I sees him/sees the stuffs that he gifted me...
So I let them burn...

No more "I love you/You love me"

20120529    1.46AM

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Currently in Sarawak..
Vacation of course.. Taking break after a long journey of study life..
I like this place..
Natural, beautiful, peaceful, calm...
When I was in the plane I kept imagining how my vacation will be?
How the place will be?
Will it be cool?
Will it be as fun as what I expect?
Am I able to wipe off all the unhappiness during this trip?
Lotssssssssssssss of questions appeared..
But turns out, you just need to relax..
And accept what's coming..
If you're unable to catch up, slow down the pace and look around..
You could find something really interesting that will catch your attention..
That's what I actually did..
And I'm loving what I found..
Should just keep doing this :)

20120520 10.50PM

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Favourite Chillax Place

Guess where???
It's Starbucks of course ^^
And the new branch has just opened today... I mean yesterday at AEON Station 18 Ipoh..
My barista friends invited me there...
I immediately fall in love with that place..
Really nice and comfy, the air-cond is colder !! XD
It'll be a perfect spot to hang out, enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book in the afternoon..
I Heart Starbucks Coffee ❤

20120516 1.59AM

It Really Has Been A While

Yea... Such a long time since my last update..
Been drowning in college works and studies..
I'm leaving school now and I'm happy.. Happy??
Not really perhaps...
You see, it's been 3 years I stayed at that nasty place and met nasty people (well, not all  of them..)
It is definitely not the place for me, like what the Chinese believed..
That place's Feng Shui is not for me, all kinds of nasty stuffs happened there...
Really awful stuffs..
But then there are awesome people as well.. But to be frank I only met a few..
Some are just nice to see, where part of their inside is rotten...
To the end there are still something that really drives me mad..
Filled me up with frustration~
Well, to the same person that I've cursed in my previous post before~
Yea you!! Screw you for being such a jerk~
I take you jokes doesn't mean that I have no feeling for them, I might feel offended sometimes..
Who do you think you are went around and judge people with your dog eyes?
Oh no, I'm humiliating the animal if I said so, you can't be compared to the dogs..
You're WORSE!!
Learn to respect, or else be prepare to lose it!!
Now you lost mine.. Let's see what you'll get in the future~
I'm reluctant to leave? Heavy-hearted?
Maybe... Coz it's been 3 years in this place..
But no way I'm staying coz nothing is worth it~
Goodbye Kampar, goodbye UTAR~
I'm not returning...

20120516    12.43AM

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