Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gazillion of Loves

Early morning when I surf through Facebook I found this clip which immediately touched my heart...
This kid here refused to eat his meat, and he stated his reason why:

"If we eat them, they'll die.."
"Octopus is animal, cows are animals, pigs are animals, fishes are animals, they are all animals.."
"I like to see them standing on their feet, happy..."
"We're suppose to take care of them, not eating them..."

He's right, because they'll feel pain, because they'll die..
That's why we don't take meat..
We're suppose to take care of them, not killing them..
Don't tell me that plants have lives too and we're not suppose to eat that...
Plants don't feel pain, plants don't shed tears and blood..
GOD created us human and he gave us food to survive, and these food are grains, veges, fruits...
Not animals...
Never ask me to try and eat meat again!! I'm not gonna do that even if you threaten me..

Go vegetarian, as simple as that.
A standing ovation to you kid =)
With gazillion of LOVES....

20131009   11.08Am

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