Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quote Of The Day

" Of course I'll hurt you. Of course you'll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence."

- The Little Prince

20131020     8.48PM


不知道.. 真的不知道为什么我会这样...




20131020    6.06PM

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Behind That Skin

Might seems tough on the outside..
But behind that mask there's a very small heart..
That's easily frightened..
Easily broken..
The reason that I'm not dare to take that move..
Is mainly because I'm too afraid to lose..
Too afraid to experience the break of the heart again..
I just wish that this moments lasts..
Sadly, the fact won't let it just paused..
I have to move on..
So let's just move on with another stronger mask..
Strong enough to cover those scars..


20131019    12.39AM

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Only Girls Will Understand

Bad day~~!!!!
Head spinning...
Hand shaking...
Ankle pain...
Back aching...
It's not helping at all no matter what posture I'm in :(((((

Can't I just be guy for a sec??!!!

20131016    2.57PM

A Lil Stupid Today

When it's holiday and when you have nothing to do..
That's when the brain gets mischievous..
Today I put myself in misery :((((
It's holiday and I've got no where to go and no one to hang out with..
So literally I stayed home...switching through Youtube...draw something...waiting for somebody...
It was a really bad morning as I was waken up by noises early morning..
Well... That put me in a bad mood in the 1st place.. 

*Who'll be happy when you're forced to wake up eaaaarrrly in the morning DURING HOLIDAY??!!!*
*mad mad mad*

The main point is.. The brain is playing some tricks with me..
I know myself well and I know that my brain loves tricks, riddles, challenges, adventures, unusual stuffs...
Well... That's kinda cool..
But the uncool part is... It also likes unnecessary stuffs... Stuffs that are unwanted.. Stuffs that are meant to be forgotten...

Today, as I'm free, I was actually thinking something philosophical..
Something like "Since it's been years after those happened, will I be ok if I trace them back? Will I still be heartbroken if I am to dig them out?"
Challenge accepted and the story after that is actually stupid..
I sat there, staying still and tried to dig out those..well..things and people and emotions...
And as I do so it just felt like I'm cutting open my old scars..
Gahhhhhh~~ Buuuurn...
Yea it was stupid.. But I felt amazing how those...things...are still vivid in my memory..
I'm like watching replays throughout the process..
How I was being chased out..
How I was being slapped..
How I was being insulted...
How...........etc etc

I understand that these scars will follow me for my whole life..
Something that I can't make it fade..
All I can do is to hide them...
But I won't let them haunt me..
Coz I know that there's something bigger and better awaiting ahead..

Just... Sometimes a lil stupidity won't kill...
It did hurt... But it makes me stronger :P

Oh and thank you...
I could cry and sob really comfortably when you're around... 

Oh oh oh and and and....
I finished a masterpiece....

Ta daaaa!!!!!
Her name is Arrietty..
From the set of "The Borrower Arrietty" in the collection of Hayao Miyazaki..
Love this ^^

Well, that's it for tonight..
Sweet dreams ❤

20131016    2.18AM

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Missing you

No idea why at all but I always miss the time that we shared..
The laughters..
The teasing...
The fights...
The hugs...
And the goodnight greetings that we shared...
Always missing you my dear friend ~~

20131013    9.17PM

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gazillion of Loves

Early morning when I surf through Facebook I found this clip which immediately touched my heart...
This kid here refused to eat his meat, and he stated his reason why:

"If we eat them, they'll die.."
"Octopus is animal, cows are animals, pigs are animals, fishes are animals, they are all animals.."
"I like to see them standing on their feet, happy..."
"We're suppose to take care of them, not eating them..."

He's right, because they'll feel pain, because they'll die..
That's why we don't take meat..
We're suppose to take care of them, not killing them..
Don't tell me that plants have lives too and we're not suppose to eat that...
Plants don't feel pain, plants don't shed tears and blood..
GOD created us human and he gave us food to survive, and these food are grains, veges, fruits...
Not animals...
Never ask me to try and eat meat again!! I'm not gonna do that even if you threaten me..

Go vegetarian, as simple as that.
A standing ovation to you kid =)
With gazillion of LOVES....

20131009   11.08Am

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Them Best Friendsss

As I walk along the path..
I have no idea how many people I'll be meeting..
Or who will actually walk in and out of my life..
But as long as there's someone who is worth cherishing, I'll cherish them from the bottom of my heart..
As I always tell my students, I'm not someone who'll easily give my trust to..
Nor someone who'll easily open her heart to somebody...
But then again, when there's someone who's able to lower the guard, then yes I'll let it all out..

Perhaps I should say that so far there's only a few really rare creatures which has...Somehow really bizarre powers that are able to do so.. 
I could count them with one hand.. Hahaha...
To those whom I cherished~~~
My Spongebob...
My Piglet...
My Nobita....
I cherish the you and I love you all <3

20131006    10:48PM

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