Monday, March 28, 2011


Alright here...
I'm already over the age where I can drink and go into the casino without being stopped!!
And I already passed my driving test without bribing anyone 5 years ago..
Which means I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE~!!!
Yet till today I'm still telling people: "My Mum is coming to fetch me~~"

I understand that you'll worry..
But hey~!!
One day I still have to do all these things MY OWN~!!!
Why..Am I still going to tell this shit to people when I reached 30???
And I can't even have a say~!!!
I respect you as my family member...
But doesn't mean that you are the dictator in the house~!!!
Whatever we said that you doesn't like you won't listen....
If not you'll be showing the shit face for the rest of the month~!!!!
I'm so FED UP on this already....

When people ask me "Why don't you drive yourself?"
What am I suppose to answer huh???
And I don't even dare to promise my friend to hang out with them when they're back in Ipoh~!!!
Seriously I'm tired of this SHIT already~!!!
For 20years already I'm with you and yet YOU DON'T KNOW ME WELL????????
Do I smoke??? NO!!!
Do I drink????? NO!!!!
Do I club????? NO!!!!
Do I simply make friends????? NO!!!!!!!!!!
Do I like lala people?????? NO!!!!!!!!!!
All these you can't see?????
All these you don't know??????????
COME ON~!!!!!

I'm going to live my life no matter how....MY OWN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
Not the life that you need to give me but the life that I'm going to create myself~!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to write MY OWN STORY!!!
I'm really so TIRED AND FED UP with all these SHIT~!!!!!!

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