Sunday, March 27, 2011

❤❤ Photography ❤❤

❤❤ Photography ❤❤
Is a MAGIC that allowed you to change a specific moment to something that last FOREVER~~~

I got this quote from a Singaporean drama -- "Little Nyonya"...
Since then I'd been falling in ❤ with photography~~
Whenever I take nice pictures, edit or just post it up to Facebook without editing..
And people actually like it...
That is the moment that I feel like I'm a MAGICIAN~~

Although I'm not a professional photographer and I'm only using digital camera..
Or perhaps my handphone to take pictures..
Yet I'm glad that people still like them ^^
I do hope to learn from other professionals though..
Even some of my lecturers..
They have strong skills of photography which I am so impressed with..
And I do wish to learn from them..

Below are the pictures that I felt fully satisfied with ^^❤
For a beginner like me..
Ya..I like these pictures ^^❤

A Beautiful Sunset
Naughty Girl ^^
Do you like it??

20110327    1.41AM

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