Friday, March 25, 2011

It Never Ends

I'm wondering..
How come in this semester works seem to be increasing towards the end instead of decreasing...
Until now I've still got one assignment that is awaiting --> Counseling Practice.
And I still have 4 presentations ahead --> Japanese, Child Development, Counseling Practice and Culture.
Not only that..
There are 2 more events awaiting also --> FFTT and Child Camp.
Not counting the camp and all the classes back in Ipoh.
My schedule is so FULL~
I've got no free weekends most of the time~
And the workloads.........Sigh~~~
I've still got my FYP ahead..
Gotta charge myself up a bit to face it!!!
Here I come~!!!
I'm A Nerd~~

20110325    10.47PM

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