Monday, January 9, 2012

Friend & Enemy, Who Do You Fear?

Who do you fear the most?
Is it friend? Or is it your enemy?
For me, that will be friend.
Because if it's your enemy, you knew he/she is a total jerk and you'll avoid having contact with him/her...
Or won't believe in things he/she said to you.

But if it's your friend, then it's different.
At times the one who hurt you the most is them, friends.
It's because you trust them, you like them and you won't avoid them no matter what happens.
But when they betray you, that is the time when you'll get hurt the most!

BFF is different!!
Hehehe.. I mean mine..
We are friend not because one of us is rich, or one of us is an icon...
It's because we share the same thought, same feeling and we are crazy when we're with each other...
Buddy is trustworthy...Long lasting ^.^

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