Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Start

I remember that time when I found the box and took out the "memories" inside of it...
That made me cried for the whole night...
And I can definitely remember how shattered my heart was when it happened...
How hurt I was, how stupid I was trying to hurt myself, how cruel I was to myself....
But they were all past....
Today I glance back at your current pictures...
Funny, I don't have a single feeling at all...
I wonder as well:
"Why did I break my heart because of you?"
"Why my thoughts and emotions and feelings were so cling-ed to you back there?"
"Why am I so stupid for doing such foolish stuffs?"
For the first time, I feel nothing...Nothing at all...
I'm not sure whether it's because unconsciously, I'm actually trying to repress the emotions..
Or I'm really really over it this time..
Well, at least I'm not crying my eyeballs out!!
Should feel glad for that..

Funny thing called "LOVE"
It breaks your heart;
But it brings smile to your face and joy to your life as well.
Treasure it when you have it; be happy when it's over as well.
As Love is beautiful...

20120103    1.32AM

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