Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The "Fun" Thing

Sometimes, it's hard to live in a community
You know
Where you need to face different kinds of people
Each having their own perceptions and personalities
It is not east at all

My life in university is fun
Because I always get to learn new things about a person
Sometimes I'll figure it out myself ( by observing within a short distance )
Sometimes people "talked" about them ( gossip will be more suitable )
This is what you will be facing when you're living in a community with people from different places
You'll tend to hear different stories with many different versions
Which are very interesting
Yet the only weird thing is that
The many different stories with different versions
Is all about the same person

Example always needed to make things clear
When you talk to A about B, there is one comment
When you talk to C about B also, there is another comment
Sometimes D might also have another comment on B
Then when you get along with B, you'll find out something very interesting
Which is
B will also have a lot of comments about A, C and D
And most of those comments are actually complains
This is indeed fun~

I was always caught in the middle though
Being the listener of these stories
Giving no comments
I kind of like able to get along well with everyone
Except for...You know...
Those whom I left
I can get along with A as well as B
And that's where I get all the "information"
A complained about B and B did the same thing
And apparently they are complaining the same issue about each other
Saying each other "So-Hai"
People are like this
Complains about others but didn't realize that he's also making the same mistake
And when he knew that people are complaining about him
He'll get pissed and started to fire back

I feel fun to be the audience
To sit back and observe
I can actually learn something from these you know
When you see someone make mistakes
Take a look at yourself
Did you make the same mistake?
I'm sure everyone made mistakes in their life
Some may realize while some may not
No matter how
I'm sure that everyone will hope others to forgive them
So why can't we just forgive and continue to move on
If you feel that you can't be friend with the person
Just ignore them and move on with your own life
No point to keep talking bad about them behind their backs
That will only make you as bad as them
Don't you think so??
Words can be a stimulation for someone to live out their life
Also it can be a stimulation to death...

And accept the fact that everyone have their very own perceptions and personalities
I mean you can't expect people to do things or say things according to your way

20101130    6.35PM

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