Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is This Me? Or What?

Sometimes I just feel that I can't fit into any groups
Am I wrong for trying to interact with everyone??
Am I being stupid to feel that "Oh, finally I'm one of you..."
I'm so tired of all these things
Being in a gang --> Feel awkward --> Start to get use to it --> DISAPPOINTMENT
Yea, I've learned my lesson
This time I'd already give my self some space in case I need to leave
But at this moment I still can't help to feel rejected and sad
Maybe I'm not being myself, I mean the true self
The original ME when I'm trying to socialize
I'm the one who don't like to talk that much
And yet I'm not acting the way I'm suppose to be
To be ME~
After crying...again
Guess that I'll have to search and explore the identity thingy again
After all, this is a stage for identity exploration right~
By the way, I need to keep myself in a low profile first I think
Just in case I got myself in identity diffusion
Yea, I'm going to keep quite for a period of time.....

20101111    11.44PM

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