Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Motivator

Always been my motivator...
The first time I watched his clip was a few years ago...
Back then when I was having a quite severe depression case there...
(Owhhh...Depression sucks!!)
I remembered I actually cried like a baby that time...
Everything he said in the clip touched my heart deeply...
I like this saying of his:

"It matters HOW you're going to finish.
Are you going to finish STRONG??
You'll find the strength to get back up..."

Even now, whenever I feel down in my current life..
I'll still watch his clip, and it still sends tears to my eyes..
I'm impressed by his strong positive mind that keep him going against the odds in his life..
I mean, even normal people like us couldn't find the strength to go on after traumas..
But for him, it's like he'll always have that strength..
He's grateful to everything he's having..
And I think that's what kept him going..

I've been taking positive psychology in this semester.
After studying it for like 6 weeks, 12 lecture classes and 12 tutorials..
I found out that every chapter or every question we answered..
Gratitude can't escape from them..
The power of being thankful, of being contended, of being grateful for what you have and accept things that you owned, that you've gone going to shape you into a better person..
That is very important..
Back then when I was in depressed mode..
I never had any medicine or gone through any kind of therapies...
I was diagnosed to have depression by a counselor from Taiwan..
I mean, I, as a psychology student, I know myself..
It's just that how am I going to help myself when the emotions and the fluctuations was in me..
It's still hard even if you knew the method..
But Nick did helped me..
I got chills and it felt like I'd been strike by a lightning...
Like I'm able to shout: "I'VE GOT THE POWER!!" at that time..

Nick can get back up when he fell, why couldn't I??
He has no arms and no legs and he's living happily, why couldn't I??
He love his life, why don't I??
He's the one who inspired me...

Back then, now...and forever will be...
Thanks Nick..

20111124    4.15AM

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