Saturday, November 12, 2011

Unconditional Love

Everyone wants a love that lasts, that is unconditional, that is true.
I just watched this Taiwan show where a female artist said something that make sense.
There is no "Mr. Right" in this world.
There is only a Mr./Ms. Right in yourself.
When you have enough confidence in yourself, not overly confident by the way;
When you're not afraid of life challenges, have courage to face the odds, to overcome them;
When you can still smile and say "Everything will be fine" when you're in deep shits;
When you no longer have to depend on someone to feel secure, happy, protected and loved;
When you can love yourself as much as you can and treasure life;
When you can totally manage your behavior, emotions and thoughts....
You'll find the right you, the strong you.
And then, every relationship that you're in will not be a "relation-SHIT".
Agree?? Yes I totally agree.
That would be beautiful...

P/S: Quote this from the elders.
        If you want someone to love you...
        You must first learn to love yourself ^^

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