Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Sum Ting Wong"

Don't wonder, the title is actually "Something Wrong"..
Y'know.. Typical Chinese will actually pronounce it as "sum ting wong"..
So, what is actually wrong here??
I realized that I'm afraid of boys nowadays...
Y'know... BOYS!!
Immature, selfish, childish, egoistic creatures!!!
(And I mean boys, gentlemen please stay outta way...)
Well, not all boys should be labeled this way but...
MOST of them are!!
Even some of my guy friends agreed!!

There are these 2 fellas that I know back there..
I shall just call them Anonymous and Bnonymous..  (<-- Hahaha)
These boys just can't keep their mouth shut.
I don't mind if they make jokes and fools around.
But if it's beyond the limit...Well...
The point is, joke can be believed as fact sometimes.
When a joke is being made again and again and again...
People might think that it's a fact, a truth, a reality...
And the one whom you make fun with will not be happy.
Not only that, this Anonymous..Gosh!!
He's just too....I don't know how to say...
He always belief that he himself, as a 90s, is very mature thinking and smart.
He's just a dumbass for me anyway.
As he don't know how to keep a secret and protect someone's privacy.
I mean, you have to understand that no one will want their secrets to be revealed.
Especially to those whom you don't want your privacy to be revealed to.
He just doesn't know what is respect.
Even to a girl!!
Such a jerk!!

And there are guysssssssssss whom I knew...
As what we Malaysian called, these guyssssssssss here are really "perasan".
You'll know the meaning when I further describe them.
First, if you talk to them, they'll think you have feeling on them.
Second, if you be nice to them, they'll think you like them.
Third, if you play with them, they'll think they can touch you anyway they wanted to.
Fourth, if you answer their calls, they'll think you already accepted them as someone special.
Most importantly, if you hang out with them (dinner, movie, whatever....), they'll think both of you could get married already, an official couple!!!

I've had experienced this and that incident really freaked me out.
After that I couldn't agree to hang out with any guy except those that I knew for a long long time and also my families.
It's true!! Everytime a random guy asked me out I'll feel afraid.
That's why I said there's something wrong inside me.
Owhhh...I wish this could end fast.
This feeling is awful....

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