Monday, November 28, 2011

Here In My Home

I'm surprised that this post of mine in Facebook could get so many likes..
No idea whether you guys can see the words..
What I wrote was
Translation: "I am a pretty girl from Ipoh, my body is fat like Ipoh's bean sprout, my skin is as smooth as Ipoh's kuey tiao."
Oh, FYI...
Ipoh, my hometown, is very famous for it's food, especially bean sprouts and kuey tiao..
AND!! They said Ipoh mali girls are beautiful~~ Like me...
Muahahahahahaha.... ( <-- Action XD)

No matter what, I love my home.
Ipoh is surrounded by mountains and hills, which made it a beautiful place with all kinds of natural phenomena..
And because of this, the food here are the BEST and TASTIEST!!!
And girls here, phewww-witt!! Pretty!!! XDDDD
I love this place..
You guys..
If you're not from Ipoh you must pay a visit here and try the food...
Food originated here are delicious...I bet you'll like them..
Promoting my home sweet home..Ipoh!!
Ipoh mali, I'm proud to be one.. ^^

Museum Perak..
It's the floor...
Perak's map..
Nice right XD

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