Saturday, December 31, 2011

31.12.2011 Confession

It's the last day of the year!!
It's the end of 2011~ ^.^
And in another 6 hours a brand new year begins....
Awhh.. What a year!!
I've went through a lot this year and had experienced a lot of amazing experiences...
Internship with autism kids, working in a busy customer service line, changes in my concept of financial management, finally got the chance to drive on my own, getting fat and then slim...

To my family:
I'm sorry for every word or deed that I said or done that hurt you all.
You know I don't mean it..
I really am grateful to have a family like this and I really love you all.
You guys are the most important persons to me in my life!!
And home is the place where I can throw as much tantrums as I can and still can be loved!!
I am most thankful for this ^.^
I love you Daddy, Mummy and stupid sister!!
Hehe *tears*

To my BUDDY!!!
(See, you're in second place.. Hahaha..)
I am totally thankful for a friend like you!!
I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to God for this gift ^.^
You have no idea how much I struggled in friendship conflicts back there in primary and secondary.
Well, people likes popular students to be friend but I'm low profile. Hahaha..
Yea, struggled a lot.
Until God presented you to me...
Indeed the BEST is worth waiting..
For 22 years I waited and it's worth it all!!
Thanks for being my Buddy ^.^
I wish you the MOST sincere All The Best and everything goes fine with you!!
Most importantly, BFF FOREVER!! ^.^

To all my lovely friends:
Great thanks to all of you!!
I appreciate your supports and helps when I'm in need.
Although I'm not really opening when I'm with you guys, but I do care about all of you.
You're the gift from God ^.^
Sorry for the lack of time to accompany you guys.
I wish you all best days ahead ^.^

To my friendmy (friend+enemy):
You guys SUCKS!!
And because of you suckers I learned and grown!!
So thanks yo!!

*hugsss* *kisses*

20111231    5.55PM

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