Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gangnam Style Heat

One song, one dance, rocks the whole world...
Yes, it's PSY's "Gangnam Style"...
People from different sides of the globe, different races, different cultures, who speak different languages...
Now they're dancing to this very song...
Even a 3 year old kid GOSH~~
That day when I was teaching, those kids heard this song playing in the other class...
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand there goes their concentration..
When it's break time they're all in that class dancing to the song..
LOL!! I was totally speechless...
Have to use playing that song as reinforcement afterwards so that they finish their homework fast..

I'd only say~ PSY 오빠 잘한다!!
 진짜 대박!!!
This cat is CUUUUTE!! xD

Can't stop laughing at this.. ROFL!!!

Op~ Op~ Op~~ Oppan Gangnam Style!!
Oh and by the way, I like how the concept of "Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy" sounds.. =D
Let's dance!!! Woohooo!!
20121009    3.29PM

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