Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm Afraid Of A Little Girl.. You Kidding Me?!

Slacking during working hour..
No boss no other colleagues =>> Parttehhhh Time!!

Am always worried about Wednesday class.
There's this very girl who is very... Hmmm... Spoilt??
She just won't listen every single time I asked her to sit down and do her work..
She'll fight with her friend (a boy, AND always will win), run around, disturb other friends of hers, talks a lot (I mean A LOT!!) etc etc...
No matter how nicely you talked to her she won't listen..
And no matter how you yelled/screamed/scolded her, she won't listen either...
At times when I'll just sit there, look at her, sighed and think:" What's actually with this girl? What should I do?"
Yes she's driving me crazy every single Wednesday evening when she comes...
You kidding me? A 4 year old girl makes me scared?
(Yea... Go ahead and laugh.. When you meet her you'll feel my fear @@)
I'm now preparing mentally to face the CHALLENGE for the later class..
Oh ya, and next time..
Next time if you're gonna send your kids to me, or perhaps to any other teacher in school or tuition center..
Make sure they behaved!!
If not you're just gonna waste your money, waste time (yours, theirs and the teachers'), and does harm to the teacher (might die faster or develop sudden heart attack)...
Parents!!! Educate your children!!! >.<

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