Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance is bliss...
Recently I had been feeling indifferent with stuffs, either negative or positive..
I'm surprise actually..
Is it because of PMS?? Or I've gone crazy??
Hahahaha.. No idea...
But one thing that I know is that, when you stop clinging to things/events/people around you, you'll suffer less..
Especially to bad things that happens in life..
One recipe of finding happiness in ourselves is to stop clinging to the past isn't it?
If we keep thinking about things that happened it'll be hard for us to actually move forward..
For example, if we keep thinking about someone who betrayed us..
We'll only feel angry, frustrated, hate and sad..
Why torture ourselves with all those rubbish?
Be happy instead...

That day when my uncles got into a fight, me and my mom had to travel down to my grandparents' place coz my grandma nearly fainted...
I remember this neighbor of my grandma told us a story of hers:
There was this lady who started a fight with her and eventually slapped her..
She did not hated that lady, in fact she kept helping her after that..
That lady was so embarrassed and regret for what she did..

So, moral of the story..
When people act bad against us, we don't downgrade ourselves to act the same as they did..
Keep classy, just ignore --> forgive --> forget..
You'll be more happy  ^^

P/S: I know saying this is easy peasy, I feel the same way too.
BUT!! Who knows what will happen in the future if I keep reminding myself right?
Good luck =)

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