Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just Smile and Wave

Someone's waiting for you to breakdown..
Someone's waiting to see the fallout..
Keep your eyes open even when you're sleeping said Taylor Swift..

Well, I'd say "Just smile and wave" like the penguins sweetie ^^
Just smile and wave..

20121031    11.44PM

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance is bliss...
Recently I had been feeling indifferent with stuffs, either negative or positive..
I'm surprise actually..
Is it because of PMS?? Or I've gone crazy??
Hahahaha.. No idea...
But one thing that I know is that, when you stop clinging to things/events/people around you, you'll suffer less..
Especially to bad things that happens in life..
One recipe of finding happiness in ourselves is to stop clinging to the past isn't it?
If we keep thinking about things that happened it'll be hard for us to actually move forward..
For example, if we keep thinking about someone who betrayed us..
We'll only feel angry, frustrated, hate and sad..
Why torture ourselves with all those rubbish?
Be happy instead...

That day when my uncles got into a fight, me and my mom had to travel down to my grandparents' place coz my grandma nearly fainted...
I remember this neighbor of my grandma told us a story of hers:
There was this lady who started a fight with her and eventually slapped her..
She did not hated that lady, in fact she kept helping her after that..
That lady was so embarrassed and regret for what she did..

So, moral of the story..
When people act bad against us, we don't downgrade ourselves to act the same as they did..
Keep classy, just ignore --> forgive --> forget..
You'll be more happy  ^^

P/S: I know saying this is easy peasy, I feel the same way too.
BUT!! Who knows what will happen in the future if I keep reminding myself right?
Good luck =)

20121023    12.40AM

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Graduation ♥ Convocation

Breaking news!! Breaking news!!!! GRADUATED!!!

Today is indeed a happy day, with joy filling me up all day long ^^
I won't forget that mixed feeling of happiness and touch and gratitude that were in me when I received the scroll that marks the end of my 19 years of study life...

Once again I express my gratitude to my family...
Dad, mum and sis who accompanied me when I was trying to break through hardships that I faced all these while..
Without your supports I wouldn't have succeeded~
Thank you =') 

To that sponge who had always supported me..
Thank you ^^
Although it's halfway through my university life when I met you..
But I would say that it's the best thing that have ever happened ^^
정말 고마워요 ^^

To my best pal in uni....
The one who love Rilakkuma ^^
You're the only one whom I can commit my trust 100% in UTAR...
Seriously no kidding!!
I'm so glad to have you to talk to without needing to worried about anything at all...

너도 정말 고마워요 ^^♥
난 항상 당신을 기억합니다
약속 할게

Last but not least..
To each and everyone who had supported me, helped me, hated me or what-so-ever...
Without you I wouldn't have done it!!
I wouldn't have learned and I wouldn't have be who I am today =)
Thousand.. Million thanks!!
감사합니다 ♥
All ready for the ceremony =)
After 3 frigging years, this is what I got.. An empty scroll @@ (Hahaha just joking, will get the cert tomorrow ^^)
Flowers from Coussie, Aunt and my butttt ^^ ♥

This is a total surprise!! Thanks Sponge!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Gathering with the Sponge after so long, still we never change ^^♥

And pretty Isabelle ^^

I'm happy!! All day long.. After I wakes up tomorrow all will be left as memories...


20121021    10.27PM

Friday, October 12, 2012


I was in the middle of exercising with my hoola hoop with my blogger on..
When suddenly "Oppan Gangnam Style" was played...
Changed the routine from hoola hoop to dance...
It was FUN!!!
There was this news saying that the Koreans had found out that by listening to this song it can reduce negative emotions and thus preventing depression...
Guess it works coz I feel happy... Like really happy while dancing to the song...
Hahahahaha... (Perhaps it's because I think I looked funny doing the horse dance xD)
You could try this as well, then tell me whether you feels good..
Let's do it together!!
"Ehhhhhh~ Sexxxy ladehh~~~" xDDDDDD

Have a nice day =)

20121012    10.58AM

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don't Judge

Came across this while scrolling down my facebook news feed..
It says:
"Don't look at me from your point of view, I'm afraid that you can't understand."
 Which means that, don't use your value to judge others, you might be wrong about somebody.

20121009    5.05PM

Gangnam Style Heat

One song, one dance, rocks the whole world...
Yes, it's PSY's "Gangnam Style"...
People from different sides of the globe, different races, different cultures, who speak different languages...
Now they're dancing to this very song...
Even a 3 year old kid GOSH~~
That day when I was teaching, those kids heard this song playing in the other class...
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand there goes their concentration..
When it's break time they're all in that class dancing to the song..
LOL!! I was totally speechless...
Have to use playing that song as reinforcement afterwards so that they finish their homework fast..

I'd only say~ PSY 오빠 잘한다!!
 진짜 대박!!!
This cat is CUUUUTE!! xD

Can't stop laughing at this.. ROFL!!!

Op~ Op~ Op~~ Oppan Gangnam Style!!
Oh and by the way, I like how the concept of "Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy" sounds.. =D
Let's dance!!! Woohooo!!
20121009    3.29PM

In Heaven

Omo~ This MV makes me cry each time I watch it..
Ji-Hyo unnie's acting is awesome!!

 Moral of the story:
Appreciate those who love you and those whom you loves...
Life has no take 2..
Once they're gone, they're gone..
So express your love and treat them right while you still have the chance..

Well.. Everyone knew this moral..
But the problem is, can everyone do it?
Can you?

20121009    12.36PM

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

True Enough

Lol.. I dunno what to say when I saw this on 9gag..
I used to do the same thing..
But no more..
Coz no one will give a single f*** about what you've been through..
Those who really cares, are always there for you..
So ya.. =D

20121003 6.01PM

I Miss You *Spongebob*

Buddy?? Where are you??
It's been a long time since the last time I bragged about our friendship..
I've been and am always so proud of our friendship..

Guess we're both busy with life..
I graduated, she's still in school..
I'm working now, she's studying...
And we're both doing fine so there are less complaint to each other I guess...
But I'm glad she said she will pay me a visit during my convocation!!
Yes yes yes....
True friend won't change and won't forget even if you've lost contact for a long time..
I'm sure we won't =))))))
But I'm sure I'll have lack topic to share with you when I meet you.. Hahahahaha..
Well.. You know me..

I'm missing you..
Hope you're doing good and having great time..
안녕 =)
20121003    12.55PM

I'm Afraid Of A Little Girl.. You Kidding Me?!

Slacking during working hour..
No boss no other colleagues =>> Parttehhhh Time!!

Am always worried about Wednesday class.
There's this very girl who is very... Hmmm... Spoilt??
She just won't listen every single time I asked her to sit down and do her work..
She'll fight with her friend (a boy, AND always will win), run around, disturb other friends of hers, talks a lot (I mean A LOT!!) etc etc...
No matter how nicely you talked to her she won't listen..
And no matter how you yelled/screamed/scolded her, she won't listen either...
At times when I'll just sit there, look at her, sighed and think:" What's actually with this girl? What should I do?"
Yes she's driving me crazy every single Wednesday evening when she comes...
You kidding me? A 4 year old girl makes me scared?
(Yea... Go ahead and laugh.. When you meet her you'll feel my fear @@)
I'm now preparing mentally to face the CHALLENGE for the later class..
Oh ya, and next time..
Next time if you're gonna send your kids to me, or perhaps to any other teacher in school or tuition center..
Make sure they behaved!!
If not you're just gonna waste your money, waste time (yours, theirs and the teachers'), and does harm to the teacher (might die faster or develop sudden heart attack)...
Parents!!! Educate your children!!! >.<

20121003   12.33PM

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Brings down my emotion whenever I listen to this song =')
I love how GD makes me feel~~

Here's the translated lyrics:

Love is painful although love is painful.
Repeating like a fool. That’s what I always do.
But pain is beautiful. It’s same as you.
Hope turns into disappointment. Wish turns into despair.
As love deepened, pain deepened more
Illusion or expectation that this time, it’ll be different, uh.
eventually, how many years have passed, there is no “forever”.
eventually, We’re not meant to be, become alone again.
barely, barely, barely, I thought I finally found my love.
eventually, eventually, It’s ended again like this.
My mind is not changed from the very first
but my mind is now full of wounds cuz of you
Cuz of your cold voice, I’m changing, I’m getting cold as well
It’s hard to get back, between you and me
we are drifting farther and farther apart from each other
It’s hard to go around each other
So I gave parting to you as a gift and turned my back
I’m falling without you
Eventually whose fault is it. There’s no love.
Eventually I’m saying goodbye to you. Tired, I’m falling asleep.
barely barely barely, it seems like this is an end between us.
Eventually eventually, we’re becoming strangers.
My mind is not changed from the very first
but my mind is now full of wounds cuz of you
Cuz of your cold voice, I’m changing, I’m getting cold as well.
It’s hard to get back, between you and me
we are drifting farther and farther apart from each other
It’s hard to go around each other
So I gave parting to you as a gift and turned my back
I’m falling without you
Let’s go
I didn’t know at first. I liked the empty place which was hers.
After several days, at last I thanked her.
I didn’t know about myself
didn’t know about the confidence that I could live without you.
tomorrow which is different from today
1 year, 2 years. regret is getting deeper as much as the pain.
I pray everything will be changed as time goes
for you my baby.
My mind is not changed from the very first
but my mind is now full of wounds cuz of you
Cuz of your cold voice, I’m changing, I’m getting cold as well
It’s hard to get back, between you and me
we are drifting farther and farther apart from each other
It’s hard to go around each other
So I gave parting to you as a gift and turned my back
I’m falling without you

20121002    1.43PM

Eyes Open

I like Taylor Swift's song --> Eyes Open..

There is these lines that sings

"Everybody's waiting for you to breakdown
Everybody's watching to see the fallout
Even when you're sleeping
Keep your eyes open"

How real..
Everybody's waiting to see you fail/fall..
To give comments..
To tease..
To discriminate..
To hate...
Hahaha.. Yet not all are negative...
We need to look at the bright side of the world as well..
This world ain't full of evils =D

But yes!!
Keep your eyes open..
Always be prepared =)

20121002    12.50PM

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