Monday, February 7, 2011

Facebook --- "DISLIKE"!!!

As I said
The only thing I like about Facebook is that 
I can get a lot of wishes during 6th of February
The other day??
Lately I did not surf Facebook that much already
The most thing that I did on Facebook is to feed and play with my "Pet"
And also to see how were my relatives' doing
That's all
Before that I was happy for everything in Facebook
Because I get to "keep-in-touch" with my old friends and also all my relatives and cousins
But lately I really DISLIKE it!
One of the reason is that I found out that I can't have any privacy like I did here in my blog

You see
When I'm blogging I can write whatever I want as not everyone can view what I wrote
Especially those whom I....erm...had some problem with
It's different thing in Facebook
When I wrote a post on my wall everybody can see
Even if I privated my account also 960 of them who are in my friends' list can view it
Very inconvenient for me to write out how I feel sometimes because some of them will tend to think
"Oh, you're talking about me! I HATE YOU!"
Another thing is that when I had issues with some of them I can't express it in Facebook also
For sure they can see it!
I'm not that stupid right...
Same goes to when I'm not happy with someone
And I can't block them from seeing what I wrote also
Once when I blocked them they're out of my friends' list already
Another problem will bud
Man! This is hard...
I can only hide them in my news feed
Well...That won't work
Because even if I hide them their status will appear in the homepage also
As there are something called mutual friend
"XXX commented on XXX's status
I really dislike Facebook now and I seldom post things on it already
Only if I found something really nice or funny or meaningful then only I'll post it up
I just..."Dislike" it otherwise ~~

20110207    11.25PM

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