Monday, February 14, 2011

♥ My Sista!

Let me introduce to you my sister.
Her name is Shabut and she's 19++ this year.
Not fat but not thin also.
She's my little sis...

She's an Angel.
Cute, funny, joyful...
Made me laugh everytime when she tell funny jokes and make funny faces.
I call her an Angel because she brings joy and happiness to people around her.

This is the "SHEAT" Queen.
Sometimes she can give "SHEAT" face.
But only the time when she "beh song" la of course.
That face very ugly one, trust me!
I have seen it!
When she "beh song" right, she'll pull her face very loooooooooooong.
Then the face will slowly turn BLACK!!
Darker than dark itself.
Last time her face will turn black very fast!!
Whenever she didn't get what she wanted you'll see the face already.
However, she has changed a lot.
Took this the time she woke up in the morning.
Whenever she came back from school.
The first thing she'll do after taken her lunch and bathed is
Macam piggy right??
Actually we both are the same.
Hiak hiak hiak..
That's why we're sister ma.
When she sleep hor, VERY HARD to wake her up!!!
Trust me!!!
I cross my heart and swear to GOD!!!

I'm telling the truth.
There was one morning I was awaken by the sharp alarm of my mother's alarm clock.
Those kind of typical alarm sound.
So sharp and so near to her.
Some more her own phone alarm is on, right beside her.
(She put a song as her alarm, the song title is 起床歌, which is something like get up from the bed bla bla bla...)
And yet she can continue sleeping peacefully.
This is my sista!!
Piggy sista!!

She always made me laugh with her funny funny act.
Ok, maybe my laughing point is low.
I just can't help to laugh whenever she did those funny funny act.
And I always kacau her.
And I actually laugh more...
Here's something.....
Enjoy!! XD

Oh my God~!!!
You'll never be bored if you have her as your little sister.

And they said we look alike.
Like twins!!
Because we have almost the same height. (I'm a bit taller ok...)
Almost the same body figure, always fluctuating. (Keep getting fatter or thinner...)
And our face...
Alike meh???

Are we alike??
Personally I don't think so because I'm prettier.
Ok ok ok..
No la, we're both pretty in different way....
But I think the time when we look MOST alike is this...

Really same same leh ~~~
That's us!
That's my sista!!
My one and only ^^

Here's something special...
When I was small and when she was very small...BUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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