Saturday, February 19, 2011


These few days I behave like a nerd in school..
Just did my things and keep quiet about everything..
Won't talk if not necessary..
Ask me why???
I just don't feel like talking..
Someone might misunderstand and start to stab me at the back..
When you act friendly in front of me doesn't mean that you won't stab me behind my back..
I've seen a lot of these things already..
Now only I know your true face..
I won't say anything and I won't do anything..
I just won't talk so much to you nor stick to you so much that's all..
I won't mind being alone..
In fact there are more things I can do alone..
Suit yourself..
Keep talking I don't care..
I'll pray to God to bless you still..
Good luck lah ~~~

20110219    9.44PM

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