Wednesday, July 6, 2011


At times
I just love to be alone
Shop alone, lunch alone, read alone, enjoy my Starbucks alone, sing alone.......
Yea, I love that!
That's the time where I can go wherever I wanted to go
Eat whatever I wanted to eat
Walk as fast as I wanted to
Or as slow as I wanted to
Take my own sweet times looking at stuffs I like
Go up and down the mall, then up and down again
Enjoy my food and drinks as long as I wanted to
Sit in the shop enjoy music while reading my favourite book as long as I could
I just LOVE the feeling of that

Now I just hope that I can have one day
Just ONE day that I can do all these things that I wanted to do
Let me just enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing for ONE day
Relax for ONE day
Just ONE day~~~


20110706    10.50PM

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