Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Searching For...

Question: How to find a partner who really loves you with all his heart?
Answer: Quite hard, not to say impossible but hard.

Every girl would want such a partner.
Thought they found one but always end up complaining about them.
Maybe we shouldn't look at the qualities our partner had.
But to prepare ourselves for anything that could happen.
Again, not to say that the things that are going to happen will be heart-breaking.
There will also be "lived-happily-ever-after" endings as well.
We all learn from lessons after all.
We'll know how to love and be loved after being heart-broken.
We'll be trained, to be stronger and more mature.

The other day I'd been discussing this topic with my girls.
Why can't there be a more mature man for us to love??
The conclusion is: That particular man is not trained yet.
Each girl is a school, and each man is being sent to a particular school for training.
Outcome: Better men.
We haven't meet the right one, because our right ones is under their training progress in another school.
And we're helping others to train up their right ones.
Hahaha. Funny right.
But it's kinda true and I like this theory lot. XD
When the boy finish their training in one school, he'll be sent to another school to be trained in another level.
If he's successfully well-trained, he'll graduate and begin to serve the school.
But then, he might not be serving one school forever.
So, he'll go back to training process again.

It's fun thinking about it, we laugh so hard when we're discussing about this.
Boys will sure have a say about this.
Girls would probably agree! =P
Anyhow, I'm glad that my right one is under training somewhere out there.
I'm sure he's a good and mature man when he's being sent to me

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