Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lame Days

Been wandering around few boutiques as well as fashion depts in the mall...
Trying out dresses, shirts and skirts...
Well, I don't need to pay to try them on...
And it's not something illegal to try on the clothes...
(This is why I like to shop alone)
Buahahahaha XD
OK here~~
The main thing that I wanna say is that
I tried 3 summer dresses and I LOVE THEM!!
They're very nice..
Michelle Yeoh likes this dress too!! And I was wearing it!! JUST wearing it XD

LOVE this!! But the price......Erhem...Well, it's imported =P

PADINI~~~ Summer style

They're nice, but I can't afford~~
Can only take pictures with them on~~
Ignore the model, just eyes on the dresses ^^

20110730    9.26PM

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