Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Share

Saw this on my friend's wall...


Maybe not all of you will think this way...
But it feels like this, in secondary school there were classes everyday, never missed..
But there were still plenty of time for us to do stuffs that we like..
In university, there's less class and not everyday we'll having classes..
But there is always no time for us to things that we like..

In secondary, when it came to recess or school dismissal, it was always bustling with noise..
Friends called us out for tea, to have fun, to hang out...
"What to eat??" "JOM MAKAN!!" "Let's go shopping!!" "Later free?? Let's go jalan-jalan!!"
The environment was always lively..
However, after classes end in university, people walkaway...
Rush to another class perhaps, some going home...
The atmosphere is dull, boring...Seems like except for their own gang..
Nobody will bother what the other is doing..
In secondary life, friends were never courteous to you, not even polite..
"Woii, go where?!" "Diu...DDLY!!" "CB!! Go die la you!!"
Hahaha...But they really do care, and you can feel extremely comfortable around them.
Well, in university, people are polite to you.
They talk nice, act nice, treat you nice...
But you'll never know deep inside, what are the dirty thing they're thinking..
And you'll beware of what you say and do around them, just to stay away from trouble..

Secondary life, tired but happy;
University life, busy but blind...

I do...
But some of you might found great friends in university and have a lot of fun..
I'm glad for you..
But for me, till now, my final year here..
I still have to beware of words used by myself and things told to me..
Too many fake faces around and sometimes it's not the assignments or school stuffs that were tough..
It's how we see fake faces and yet we still have to pretend to not see it and act nice that was tough..
I always tell myself, it'll be an end soon..
Just stop bother much bout these people and focus on your study..
After all I enter university to further my study, knowing new friends and building my social network is only part of it...
Not really important ehh..
Friends doesn't need to be much, one true friend is more than enough ^^
I have one, though she's far from me..
But I know we'll always be true..
Well, just a random share..
Have a nice day =)

Old school friends.. Miss them ^^
20111201    12.07AM

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