Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Positive Psychology

After 7 weeks of studies on Positive Psychology...
No matter it's the lectures or tutorials..
The subject always caused me to be in deep thoughts.
Especially the tutorial questions~
They were like asking:

  1. What is authentic happiness? What makes you happy? Does money really cause happiness?
  2. Can you always forgive a person? What if he/she killed your beloved ones?? Can you forget about the   incident and forgive them??
  3. Having positive illusions about the future, how to avoid from being looking at the rose-coloured glasses?
  4. Can tragedy and sadness be beautiful??
Do they get you into thinking?
Do they make you curious and getting interested in Positive Psychology or Psychology itself??
I wish to share more of my thoughts on these topics..
Gonna have my exam on this subject on THURSDAY!!!
Study study....
Will blog that after my exam....Stay tuned ^.<

My companion during study time ^^
20111213    4.04PM

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