Friday, December 23, 2011


Somehow I find this true.
I mean, I am who I am...
I'm crazy, child-like, true to myself and others, aggressive, materialistic, loyal......
(P/S: Child-like is NOT the same as childish!!)
But it really do depends on who I'm with..

If I'm with my family, that means my true self will reveal;
I scolds and show tantrums...
I mean, family is always the place where I can show all my tantrums to, and yet I can get all the forgiveness ain't it?? 
That's why I love my family so much!!

If I'm with my friends, especially my BFF;
I'll go crazy!! With all the teasing and laughter and fun...
That's the time I'll tend to hide some of my flaws...
Just to have fun that's all...

If I'm with some people that I dislike, or someone that hurt me before;
I'll tend to be as fake as I can..
You know, just to prevent from something bad happens to me...
I won't talk much for sure, just keep quiet.

This works for me like all the time.
I'm not sure whether everyone feels the same way, but at least I do...
Life's like this, the way it is.
You just have to learn some skills in order to survive in this complicated world.
And this is one of it.

Good day =)

20111223    2.38AM

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