Saturday, December 3, 2011

No One Stays

Staying up til this late at night..
You know.. Girls...
Thought spins in our head...

What I'm thinking about??
I'm alone...All alone...
Single...Not unwanted..
But I just likes the feeling of being single...
One of the reason is that, you know..
When you're available you'll get to choose, especially when you're a girl (^_^)
But that's not the main point for me.
I like to be free, where I can do stuffs that I want without worry much about other people.
When you have a boyfriend things will be different.
You'll have to report yourself....tell him where you are, who you're with, when you'll be home.....
And you'll tend to want to know the same thing from him.
The same time he's tied to you, you're tied to him as well.
Sometimes it may be romantic yes, but I prefer single and free life.
Haha..I might be saying this loud right now, perhaps one day when I found my Mr. Right I may change my mind..
But yes I like to be free now..
To be in the flow~~~

People walk in and out of our life.
No one really do stays...
We'll be alone after all....
At the end...

Ok I'll stop the crap here .
Goodnight and good morning =)

20111203    3.13AM

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