Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Justin Bieber - Pray

A very touching music video by the MOST popular teenager in the world -- Justin Bieber.
He is famous and I believe every girl in the world had gone CRAZY for him.
Everyone is having a Bieber fever right now.
I like him.
Other than the fact that he's handsome and charming and, perhaps rich right now...
The true reason why I like him is that, first of all, he's talented.
The first time I listened to his song I was like, who is this girl??
Girl??? Hell yea, girl...I thought it was a female artist who was singing.
The song was "I'll Never Let You Go".
When they explained to me that it's a boy, a kid named Justin Bieber I was like thinking,
"WOW!!! This boy can sing like WOW!"
Hahaha...Sorry for mistaken you as gurl baby.

Second, he really have positive mind.
As I know, the whole journey for him to reach where he's at now is not that easy.
Yet people, look how successful he is right now.
There are people who hates him, probably because of jealousy..Hahaha...
I don't know, but there are millions of people who like him.
I came across this comment when I was viewing his music video on YouTube.
This guy actually said:
Is gay? He has a girlfriend.
Can't sing? Usher and Justin Timberlake fought over him.
Is ugly? Millions of girls think he's the hottest guy alive, and he's on trillions of posters everywhere.
He's weak? He broke his foot on stage and carried on singing.
He's heartless? Listen to Pray.
He's unsuccessful? 17 years old, 36 songs, 3 albums, 9 music videos,1 movie,1 book, 20 awards, 2 tours, 86 shows, OVER 50 million fans.
Do your research before you make fun of him?"
Haha...So true right??
This is life, just because you can't be as successful or as famous as him, doesn't mean that you can deny the fact that he is shining on top of the world.
Even if you hated him, the fact is till the same.

The third reason that I like him, he's NOT heartless.
Look at this music video...
He had done a lot of charity works.
He's just 17 and this is the most glorious time he's having right now.
He could have just enjoy the fame and live a luxurious life, be a teenager.
But he didn't...he DID NOT...He went for charities and this touches my heart.
Justin Bieber is a true man.
That's why I like him ^^
Haha...I support you.
All the best and keep on shining on that stage.

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